Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC16/4/1-44
TitleOfficial papers relating to Colonial Office affairs
Extent44 items
DescriptionPrinted, manuscript and typescript correspondence, memoranda, and miscellanea; may contain copy correspondence and dictation; relating to Colonial issues, West and South Africa, 1902-1905
Correspondents: Onslow, Arthur James Balfour [1st Earl of Balfour; President British Association, 1904; Prime Minister, 1902-1905; 1st Lord of Treasury and Leader of the House of Commons, 1895-1906], Lugard, [Alfred] Milner [1st Viscount Milner; Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, 1897-1901; Governor of Transvaal and Orange River Colony, 1901-1905 and High Commissioner for South Africa, 1897-1905], Rt. Hon. Alfred Lyttelton [MP; Chairman of Commission to South Africa, 1900; Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1903-1905], Austen Chamberlain [acting as Financial Secretary to the Treasury, 1900-1902, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1903-1905] and others
Includes: /2-/10 Manuscript letters from Onslow to Chamberlain relating to Nigeria, Kano expedition, including /5-/6 Manuscript letters from Balfour to Onslow and Chamberlain, and copies of telegraphic correspondence from Lugard, 1902-1903; /12-15 Manuscript and typescript correspondence and memoranda of Lord Onslow and Chamberlain relating to S. African questions, i. e. councils, byowners, First Invasion losses, etc [1903]; /17-/44 Printed memoranda and copies of telegraphic correspondence of Milner, Onslow, Lyttelton, Chamberlain, and others relating to S. African compensation claims, Natal's contribution to War, Garrison of Command in S. Africa, S. African loans, regulating introduction of unskilled non-European labourers into the Transvaal, financial position of Transvaal, distribution of troops in S. Africa, etc, 1902-1905
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