Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC21/6/1-44
TitleOfficial papers relating to Indian affairs
Extentapprox. 51 items
DescriptionPrinted, typescript and manuscript reports, memoranda, notes and minutes; may contain extracts; of Austen Chamberlain [acting as Secretary of State for India] and others [mainly War Cabinet], relating to Indian affairs: National Organization, external situation of India consequent on the War, representation of India at Imperial conferences, Indian Civil Service Bill, Imperial defence, Germany and the Middle East, seige of Kut-El-Amara, military situation in India, Afghanistan, abolition of Indian excise duty on cotton goods and cotton duties, Indian budget and finance, Mesopotamia, commerce and trade, exclusion of imports of tea and jute from the U. K., shipping and prohibited imports, Japanese Policy in its bearing on India, Japanese activities in China and India, control of military operations in all theatres of War, war with Turkey, new Indian capital at Delhi, proposed Aden operations, honours and rewards for General Townshend's Force, Quetta-Seistan Railway, Germany and fight for Arabia between England and Turkey, supply of rifles to India, man power, position of Sir Percy Sykes, Indian Reforms, Turkish treatment of British Prisoners of War, Montagu's report on Indian self-government, etc, 1915-1918
Access StatusOpen
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