Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC21/5/1-75
TitleOfficial papers relating to Indian affairs
Extentapprox. 81 items
DescriptionPrinted, typescript and manuscript correspondence, notes, memoranda and minutes; may contain copy correspondence, drafts and dictation; arranged alphabetically by surname, relating to Indian affairs, 1916-1922
Correspondents: Harcourt Butler, George Curzon [1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston; Lord President of the Council, 1916-1919; Leader of the House of Lords, 1916-1924; Member of Imperial War Cabinet, 1916; Lord Privy Seal, 1915-1916; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1919-1924; various other political offices], J. Holderness, Islington, Kisch, Roper Lethbridge, Walter Hume Long [1st Viscount Long of Wraxal; President Local Government Board, 1915-1916; Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1916-1918; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1919-1921], [James Scorgie] Meston [1st Baron Meston of Agra and Dunottar; Lieut-Governor, United Provinces, Agra and Oudh, 1912-1918; a representative of India, Imperial War Cabinet and Conference, 1917; Finance Member of Governor-General's Council, 1919; retired, 1919], Montagu, Roy, Lawrence John Lumley Dundas [2nd Marquess of Zetland, Earl of Ronaldshay; Governor of Bengal, 1917-1922], G. Singh, the Maharaja of Bikaner, Austen Chamberlain [acting as Secretary of State for India, 1915-1917, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1919-1921, Leader of the House and Lord Privy Seal, 1921-1922] and others
Includes: /1-/4 Manuscript and typescript correspondence between Butler and Chamberlain, relating to Indian Reforms, Chamberlain's resignation as Secretary of State of India, etc, 1918-1919; /5-/7 Typescript and manuscript correspondence between Curzon and Chamberlain, relating to Commissions for Indians, Indian Reforms, etc, 1916-1918; /8-/9 Manuscript letters from Holderness to Chamberlain relating to Indian Reforms, etc, 1917-1918; /10-/11 Typescript correspondence of Islington, including letter from Bhupendra Nath Basu, relating to future Indian government, 1917; /12-14 Typescript correspondence and minute relating to Indian Civil Service Bill, 1918; /15-/22 Manuscript and typescript correspondence between Lethbridge and Chamberlain, relating to Indian Reforms, etc, 1918; /23 Typescript letter from Chamberlain to Long relating to Preferences on Dutiable Articles, 1918; /24-/28 Typescript and manuscript correspondence and note of Meston and Chamberlain relating to Constitutional Reforms in India, etc 1917-1918; /29-/64 Typescript and manuscript correspondence and notes between Montagu, Chamberlain and others, relating to Indian Reforms and the situation in India, etc, 1917-1922; /65 Manuscript letter from Roy to Chamberlain, 1918; /[66], /71 Typescript correspondence of Ronaldshay and Chamberlain, relating to reforms, 1917-1918; /67-/69 Printed memoranda relating to 1915-1917 outrages, 1916-1918; /73-/75 Typescript correspondence and minute of G. Singh and the Maharaja of Bikaner, relating to, situation in India, 1917-1918
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/5a, /5b and /5c are in addition to /5; /29a is in addition to /29; /32a is in addition to /32; /41a is in addition to /41


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