Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC33/2/1-148
TitleOfficial papers relating to Unionist crisis
Extentapprox. 156 items
DescriptionPrinted, typescript and manuscript correspondence, notes, and miscellanea; may contain copy correspondence, [drafts, extracts and dictation]; mainly relating to Unionist crisis: conference with Under Secretaries of State, meeting of Junior Ministers, Carlton Club Meeting, expressions of support for Austen Chamberlain after Carlton Club Meeting, etc, 1922
Correspondents: R. Horne, Derby, Leslie Wilson [Joint Parliamentary Secretary], Philip Pilditch, George Younger [National Unionist Association], Arthur G. Boscawen, [Sir (John) Malcolm] Fraser [Honorary Principal Agent of Unionist Party, 1920-1923], [Rt. Hon. James] Parker Smith [MP; Parliamentary Private Secretary to Rt. Hon. J. Chamberlain, 1900-1903], [Rt. Hon. Sir] Ellis Hume-Williams [MP], Walter Hume Long [1st Viscount Long of Wraxal; MP; various political offices], Henry Howarth, Rt. Hon. Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher [President of the Board of Education, 1916-1922], Lieut-Col. Sir Alexander Leith [National Unionist Association, 1922-1923], Cave, W. T. Shaw, Rt. Hon. Leopold Stennett Amery [Parliamentary and Financial Secretary to the Admiralty, 1921–1922; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1922-1924], Mrs. Amery [wife of Amery], John M. MacLeod, C. A. Salmond, R. Waddington, [Cockerill], Aylmor Hunter-Weston, Newton Moore, William Raeburn, McDonald, Davison Dalziel, Marshall Stevens [MP], [E. F.] L. Wood, J. P. Houfton, George Curzon [1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston; Leader of the House of Lords, 1916-1924; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1919-1924; various other political offices], [H.] Chaplin [MP], [Lieut-Col Sir] Vivien L[eonard] Henderson [MP], Patrick J. Ford, Michael Sadler, Lord Cullen of Ashbourne, Harry Samuel, A. C. C. Willway, David P. M. Fyfe, William Clive Bridgeman [1st Viscount Bridgeman of Leigh; Secretary of Mines; Home Secretary, 1922-1924], Pike Pease, R. Newman, G. W. Hubbard, Colin Cathcart, Sidney Humphries, H. Spender Clay, Steel-Maitland, J. D. Birchall, Shaftesbury, Angus Hambro, [William Robert Wellesley] Peel [1st Earl Peel; Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1921-1922; Minister of Transport, 1921-1922; Secretary of State for India, 1922-1924 and 1928-1929], Herbert Allen Broad, MacGeorge, Frederick Lugard, Charles H. Sargent, J. A. Barbour James, [I.] J. Brown, [G.] Tryon, Harry Goschen, Archibald Weigall, J. C. W. Reith, Austen Chamberlain [acting as Leader of the House and Lord Privy Seal] and others
Includes: /1a Manuscript list of papers [1922]; /7-/9, /12-/14, /33, /35-/36 Manuscript and typescript correspondence between Derby and Chamberlain, including telegram, relating to Unionist crisis, Foreign Policy, Ireland, etc; /28-/30, /46-/49 Manuscript and typescript correspondence between Boscawen and Chamberlain, relating to situation in Turkey, Agricultural Policy, Boscawen's threat to resign, etc; /37-/38 Typescript and manuscript correspondence between Parker Smith and Chamberlain, relating to Near Eastern policy, etc; /87-/89 Manuscript and typescript notes for Carlton Club Meeting; /91-/92 Typescript and printed lists of Coalition Unionists, etc; /93 Typescript [draft] of letter signed by Unionist Coalition Ministers after Carlton Club Meeting; /96 Manuscript list of correspondence after Carlton Club Meeting; /97-/147 Typescript and manuscript letters of support and list of supporters, including /105a Newspaper cutting; /148 Printed account of dinner given in honour of Chamberlain, 30th Nov, 1922
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/1a and /1b are in addition to /1; /9 appears to be second part of /8; /40a is in addition to /40; /43a is in addition to /43; /54a is in addition to /54; /105a and /105b are in place of /105; /109a is in addition to /109; /110a and /110b are in place of /110; /105a is a newspaper cutting; /3, /18, /27, /33, /38, /40a, /50, /125 have pages becoming or already detached from mountings


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