Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC20/7/1-16
TitleOfficial papers relating to control of military operations in all theatres of War
Extentapprox. 27 items
DescriptionPrinted, typescript and manuscript memoranda, notes, minutes, and correspondence; including telegraphic correspondence, some copy correspondence and extracts; relating to control of military operations in all theatres of War: defence of the North-West frontier, appointment of command of the Northern Army in India, etc, 1914-1917
Correspondents: [Field-Marshal Sir] W[illiam] R[obert] Robertson [Army Intelligence, European War, 1914-1915; Director of Military Training at War Office, 1913-1914; Chief of Imperial General Staff, 1915-1918; various other military offices], [Maurice Pascal Alers] Hankey [1st Baron of The Chart; Secretary; Committee Imperial Defence, 1912-1938; War Cabinet, 1916, Imperial War Cabinet, 1917-1918], [Robert Offley Ashburton] Crewe[-Milnes] [1st Marquess of Crewe; Lord Privy Seal, 1908 and 1912-1915; Secretary of State for India, 1910-1915], Edmund Barrow, Austen Chamberlain [acting as Secretary of State for India, 1915-1917] and others
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/5a-/5g are in addition to /5; /6a-/6c are in addition to /6; /7a and /7b are in place of /7


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