Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC51/1-249
TitleMiscellaneous official and personal correspondence and papers, 1920-1925
Extentapprox. 252 items
DescriptionMiscellaneous printed, typescript and manuscript correspondence; including telegraphic correspondence; notes, memoranda and miscellanea; mainly arranged alphabetically by surname; including copy correspondence, extracts [drafts and dictation]; contains correspondence in French; contains personal papers; relating to mainly political topics, with miscellaneous personal topics such as invitations to dinners, congratulations on appointment as Foreign Secretary, etc, 1924

Correspondents: Dr. Zia Uddin Ahmad, Paul C. Aiken, Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby [1st Viscount Allenby; High Commissioner for Egypt, 1919-1925], Rt. Hon. Leopold Stennett Amery [Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Colonies, 1919-1921; Parliamentary and Financial Secretary to the Admiralty, 1921-1922; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1922-1924; Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1924-1929], Herbert Henry Asquith [1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, Prime Minister, 1908-1916, and various other political offices], Banbury of Southam, Sir Edmund Bartley-Denniss, [Major-General Edward Frederick Lawson] Burnham [4th Baron Burnham; 'The Daily Telegraph'], Lady Burnham [wife of Major-General Edward Frederick Lawson Burnham], [Cassar], Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, [Rt. Hon. Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer)] Churchill [secretary of State for; War and Air, 1919-1921; Air and the Colonies, 1921; and for the Colonies until October 1922; Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1924-1929], Clementel, F. Coudurier de Chassaigne [Commissaire General Delegue a La Propagande], Cravath, [Robert Offley Ashburton] Crewe[-Milnes] [1st Marquess of Crewe; HM Ambassador in Paris, 1922-1928], [Crowe], Eric Drummond, George Curzon [1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston; Leader of the House of Lords, 1916-1924; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1919-1924; various other political offices], [Edgar Vincent] [1st Viscount D'Abernon; Ambassador at Berlin, 1920-1926; Chairman Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic), 1915-1920], Daugan, Derby, [Rt. Hon. Sir Charles (Norton Edgcumbe)] Eliot [MP and various political offices], Rt. Hon. Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher [President of the Board of Education, 1916-1922], [Sir (Norman Fenwick)] Warren Fisher [Permanent Secretary of HM Treasury and Official Head of HM Civil Service, 1919-1939], Arthur John Bigge [1st Baron Stamfordham; Private Secretary to Queen Victoria, 1895-1901, and to Prince of Wales, 1901-1910], [Rt. Hon. Sir George Dixon] Grahame [Minister Plenipotentiary, Paris, 1918-1920; Ambassador to Belgium, 1920-1928], Andare Geraud, A. [Goodsir], Rt. Hon. Sir Ronald (William) Graham [HBM Minister to Holland, 1919-1921; HBM Ambassador to Italy, 1921-1933], [Hamar] Greenwood, Walter Guinness, Douglas Hacking, [Maurice Pascal Alers] Hankey [1st Baron of The Chart; Cabinet, 1919-1938, and Clerk of the Privy Council, 1923-1938], Joseph Harel, Robert Bryan Hayme[l], Esme [William] Howard [1st Baron Howard of Penrith; Ambassador to Spain, 1919-1924; Ambassador to USA, 1924-1930], Lord Hunsdon, Col. C. James, Jaspar, Percy Joseph, William Joynson Hicks [1st Viscount Brentford; Parliamentary Secretary, Overseas Trade Department, 1922-1923; Postmaster-General and Paymaster-General, 1923; Financial Secretary to the Treasury, 1923; Minister of Health, 1923-1924; Home Secretary, 1924-1929], Maharaja of Kapurthala, Frank B. Kellogg, Philip Kerr, Raymond Koechlin, Lord Kylsant, [Rt. Hon. Sir Francis (Oswald)] Lindley [High Commissioner, Vienna, 1919-1920; Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Republic of Austria, 1920; at Athens, 1922-1923; at Oslo, 1923-1929], George Ambrose Lloyd [1st Baron Lloyd of Dolobran; MP; Governor of Bombay, 1918-1923; High Commissioner for Egypt and the Sudan, 1925-1929], Lugard, Mrs. Alfred [Dame Edith] Lyttelton, J[ames] Ramsay MacDonald [First Labour Prime Minister, 1924 and 1929-1931], Stanley Machim, H. K. Mann, [J. Monck], Miss E. L. Murison, [George] Gilbert [Aime] Murray [Professor; writer; Chairman League of Nations Union, 1923-1938], Mussolini, T. P. O'Connor, Valentine J. O'Hara, G. Pichon, Portland, Delme Radcliff, Repington, A[lan] Pitt Robbins [Parliamentary Correspondent, 1923-1938; Editorial staff of 'The Times', 1909-1953], Lionel de Rothschild, Rowell, [Rt. Hon.] Sir Horace [George Montagu] Rumbold [British Minister Republic of Poland, 1919-1920; British High Commissioner and Ambassador at Constantinople, 1920-1924; British Ambassador, Madrid, 1924-1928], Salisbury, Herbert Samuel, Albert Spicer, Alexande[r] Szembek [Legation de Pologne en France], Georges Theunis [Belgium: Minister of Finance, 1920; Prime Minister and Minister of Finances, 1921-1925; Minister of State, 1925], Albert Thomas [International Labour Office, Geneva], W. E. Thomson, Sir Charles Walston, Rt. Hon. Sir Laming Worthington-Evans [Minister of Pensions, 1919-1920; Minister without Portfolio, 1920-1921; Secretary of State for War, 1921-1922 and 1924-1929; Postmaster-General, 1923-1924; Secretary for War, 1924-1929], Austen Chamberlain [mainly acting as Foreign Secretary] and others

Includes: /29 Typescript record of interview [between Drummond and Dr. Benes], relating to position of Italy, Albania, etc, 1924; /44-/45 Typescript note and memorandum on Geneva Protocol, 1924; /92 Typescript note of conversation between Crewe and M. Franklin Bouillon relating to reviving Inter-Parliamentary Union, situation in Turkey, etc, 1924; /108 Typescript memorandum on the Geneva Opium Question, 1924; /154 Typescript note on the Situation in Egypt, 1924; /203 Newspaer cutting relating to Forgeries; /228a Newspaper cutting relating to Soviet response to British elections; /231 Publication by League of Nations Union, 'The Future of the League of Nations', 1920; /232 Publication by the International Conciliation "Can the League of Nations be Saved?', 1923; /236 Typescript memorandum relating to Turkey and her Claims to Mosul, 1924; /245-/248 Typescript and printed memoranda and petition 'des Minorites Nationales dans la Republique Tchechoslovaque' relating to 'La Reforme Agraire', in French, 1924; /249 Manuscript graph relating to building periods of various classes of ship, [1924]
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/87a is in addition to /87; /144a is in addition to /144; /228a is in addition to /228; /241a is in addition to /241; /134 noted as transferred out of file; /203 and /228a are newspaper cuttings


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