Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC41/1/1-80
TitleMiscellaneous official and personal correspondence and papers, 1927-1935
Extentapprox. 88 items
DescriptionMiscellaneous printed, typescript and manuscript correspondence; including telegraphic correspondence; memoranda, notes and miscellanea; may contain copy correspondence, [extracts and drafts]; contains correspondence in various languages; contains personal papers; 1934-1935
Correspondents: Henry L. Stimson, Hamilton Fish Armstrong [Miltary Attache, 'New York Evening Post', Managing Editor of 'Foreign Affairs', 1922-1928, and various advisory positions], Lord Lothian, Neville Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Arthur Neville; half-brother of Austen Chamberlain; Minister of Health in 1923 and 1924-29; Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1931-1937], Major Dibben, Mussolini, [Sir Walford Harmood Montague] Selby [Principal Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1924-1932; Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Vienna, 1933-1937], Mrs. Dugdale, Samuel [John Gurney] Hoare [1st Viscount Templewood of Chelsea; MP with seat in Cabinet, 1923-1924 and 1924-1929; Secretary of State for India, 1931-1935; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1935], [J. A. G.] Bruce [Librarian, Rugby School], [Rt. Hon. Sir] George [Russell] Clerk [British Ambassador in Turkey, 1926-1933; at Brussels, 1933-1934; at Paris, 1934-1937], Joachim Stresemann, [Sir (Thomas)] Franklin Sibly [Vice-Chancellor of Reading Univ., 1929-1946], P. Scrivener, Austen Chamberlain [acting as Foreign Secretary, 1924-1929, First Lord of the Admiralty, 1931] and others
Includes: /1-/11 Typescript correspondence and memoranda relating to 'Foreign Affairs' article by Lippmann, Anglo-American relations, Nine Power Treaty, Manchurian Affair, etc, 1934-1935; /16-/44 Typescript and manuscript correspondence relating to possible sale of Hoskins & Sons business, etc, 1935; /45-/47 Typescript and manuscript correspondence, including telegram from Mussolini to Austen Chamberlain, relating to British and Italian relations, 1935; /51-/51b Manuscript letter and typescript memo. relating to letters of Joseph Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austen; father of Austen Chamberlain] and Memoirs of A. Balfour [Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour; Prime Minister, 1902-1905 and various other political offices], 1935; /68 Typescript memorandum relating to invitation to Chamberlain to join Baldwin's Government [Stanley Baldwin; First Earl Baldwin of Bewdley; Prime Minister, 1924-1929, 1935-1937], 1935; /69-/72 Typescript correspondence relating to Chamberlain accepting office as Chancellor of the University at Reading, etc, 1935; /77 'Abyssinia No. 1 (1927) Correspondence respecting the Agreement between the United Kingdom and Italy of December 14-20, 1925, in regard to Tsana', 1927; /79 Typescript memorandum relating to time-table of action by H. M. Government to restrain the Abyssinian policy of the Italian Government, 1935; /80 'Miscellaneous No. 10 (1931) Memorandum on the Results of the Negotiations with France and Italy for the Reduction and Limitation of Naval Armaments, February-March 1931', 1931
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/16a is in addition to /16; /32a is in addition to /32; /40a is in addition to /40; /51a and /51b are in addition to /51; /5a is in addition to /55; /58a and /58b are in addition to /58; /13, /48, /49, /64 are becoming detached from mountings


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