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TitleMiscellaneous official correspondence and papers, 1925
Extentapprox. 822 items
DescriptionMiscellaneous printed, typescript and manuscript correspondence; including telegraphic correspondence; notes, memoranda, reports and miscellanea; mainly arranged alphabetically by surname; may contain copy correspondence, extracts, [drafts] and dictation; including translations and correspondence in various languages; also may contain envelopes; may contain personal papers, 1925
Correspondents: Lady Aberdeen, Sir James T. Agg-Gardiner, Rt. Hon. Leopold Stennett Amery [Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1924-1929; Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, 1925-1929], Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby [1st Viscount Allenby; High Commissioner for Egypt, 1919-1925], Lord Ashfield, Stanley Baldwin [First Earl Baldwin of Bewdley; Prime Minister, 1924-1929], Arthur James Balfour [1st Earl of Balfour; President of the Council, 1919-1922 and 1925-1929], Miss E. Barlow, Harry Becker, Mrs. [E.] Behrens, Otto Beit, Oliver Bell [on staff of League of Nations Union, 1923-1934], Earl of Birkenhead, Robert John Graham Boothby [Baron Boothby; MP and various political offices], Briand, Admiral Sir Francis [Charles Bridgeman-] Bridgeman [Various Naval offices], John Buchan [Reuters Limited], Earl of Cavan, Cecil, J. Charteris, [Rt. Hon. Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer)] Churchill [Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1924-1929], [Rt. Hon. Sir] George [Russell] Clerk [First Minister Czecho-Slovak Republic, 1919-1926, also Consul-General, 1921-1926], Frederic R. [Condert], [Robert Offley Ashburton] Crewe[-Milnes] [1st Marquess of Crewe; HM Ambassador in Paris, 1922-1928], Crowe, Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister, George Curzon [1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston; various political offices], [Edgar Vincent] [1st Viscount D'Abernon; Ambassador at Berlin, 1920-1926], Sir John H. Davidson, Derby, Sir Herbert Guy Dering [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Rumania, 1920-1926], Desborough, S. H. Dodwell, Nathan, Ralph Doyle, Sir Eric Drummond, Sir A[rthur] C[uninghame] Grant-Duff [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at Stockholm, 1924-1927], Lionel [Earle] [H. M. Office of Works], Agustin Edwards [Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary representing Chile in the Plebiscitary Commission, Tacna y Arica Arbitration, 1925-1926], Sir Charles Eliot, Rt. Hon. Sir Laming Worthington-Evans [Secretary of State for War, 1921-1922 and 1924-1929; Secretary for War, 1924-1929], Sir Henry Fairfax-Lucy, [Sir (Norman Fenwick)] Warren Fisher [Permanent Secretary of HM Treasury and Official Head of HM Civil Service, 1919-1939], [Forster], Arthur John Bigge [1st Baron Stamfordham; Private Secretary to Queen Victoria, 1895-1901, and to Prince of Wales, 1901-1910], George A. Gibbs, J. A. C. Murray [Glasgow University], Rev. Prebendary Gough, Rt. Hon. Sir Ronald (William) Graham [HBM Ambassador to Italy, 1921-1933], [Rt. Hon. Sir George Dixon] Grahame [Ambassador to Belgium, 1920-1928], W. W. Grantham, [Hamar] Greenwood, Grey [MP], Edward Grigg, Alberto Guani [Delegation de L'Uruguay], Walter Guiness, [H. A.] Gwynne [editor of the 'Morning Post', 1911-1937], [R. H.] Hamilton, [Maurice Pascal Alers] Hankey [1st Baron of The Chart; Cabinet, 1919-1938, and Clerk of the Privy Council, 1923-1938], M. Wilson Harris [League of Nations Union], J. R. Hay, Nevile Henderson, Rt. Hon. John W[aller] Hills [MP; various political offices], Samuel [John Gurney] Hoare [1st Viscount Templewood of Chelsea; MP with seat in Cabinet, 1923-1924 and 1924-1929; various political offices], Sir Arthur Holbrook, Esme [William] Howard [1st Baron Howard of Penrith; Ambassador to USA, 1924-1930], James H. Hudson, [Lt-Col Hon.] Cuthbert James [various political and military offices], Clement Jones, Sir John Jordan, de Jouvenel, William Joynson Hicks [1st Viscount Brentford; Home Secretary, 1924-1929], Prabha [Karavong], [Lt. Commander] J[oseph] M[ontague] Kenworthy [10th Baron of England Strabolgi; MP and various political offices], Philip Kerr, Sir Roger Keyes, Sir Alfred Knox, Lord Kylsant, Lord Lamington, Robert Lange [Federation Universitaire Internationale pour La Societe des Nations], Peter C. Larkin, W. L. Andrews, R[eginald] [Gerald] Leigh [Assistant private secretary to Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1919-1932], [Rt. Hon. Sir Francis (Oswald)] Lindley [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at Oslo, 1923-1929], Rt. Hon. Sir Ronald (Charles) Lindsay [HM Representative, Constantinople, 1924-1925; Ambassador, 1925-1926], George Ambrose Lloyd [1st Baron Lloyd of Dolobran; High Commissioner for Egypt and the Sudan, 1925-1929], Londonderry, Herbert [William] Looker [MP], Rt. Hon. Sir Percy (Lyham) Loraine [British Minister to Persia, 1921-1926], Robert R. McCormick, J[ames] Ramsay MacDonald [First Labour Prime Minister, 1924 and 1929-1931], Ian Malcolm, Sir Edward Marshall-Hall, Charles Marston, D[avid] M[arshall] Mason [MP], [de Mattos] [Portuguese Embassy], [HE The Marquis de] Merry del Val [Spanish Ambassador in London, 1913-1931], Grant Marden, [Sir William Grenville Max Muller] [Minister to Poland, 1920-1928], E. L. Murison, Gilbert Murray, Mussolini, C. J. Neill, Oxford, Painleve, Lord Eustace Percy, Capt. Pitt-Rivers, Duke of Portland, Quinones de Leon, Rathbone, Sir Philip Richardson, [Rt. Hon.] Sir Horace [George Montagu] Rumbold [British Ambassador, Madrid, 1924-1928; British Ambassador at Berlin 1928-1933], Salisbury, Arthur Samuel, [Sandwich], Baroness Scherr-Thoss, [Rt. Hon. Sir] Leslie [Frederic] Scott [MP], Tom Shaw, Robert Smillie, Albert Smith, Hugh F. Spender, [Henry] Wickham Steed [Lecturer of Central European History, King's College, Strand, 1925-1938; Proprietor and Editor of the 'Review of Reviews', 1923-1930], Arthur Steel-Maitland, D. M. Stevenson, [Sunderland], Arthur Sweetser, Albert Thomas [International Labour Office, Geneva], [Rt. Hon. Sir] John [Anthony Cecil] Tilley [British Ambassador to Brazil, 1921-1925], Sir Charles Wakefield, William [George] Tyrrell [1st Baron Tyrrell of Avon; Assistant Under-Secretary, 1919-1925 and Permanent Under-Secretary of State at Foreign Office, 1925-1928], [Wells] [Vice Chancellor, Wadham College, Oxford], Lady Willoughby de Broke, Sir Charles Wilson, Sir Laming Worthington-Evans [MP], Austen Chamberlain [mainly acting as Foreign Secretary] and others
Includes: /1-/10 Typescript correspondence and printed miscellanea relating to International Council of Women; /24-/73 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Amery and Chamberlain, relating to Locarno, Turkey and Mosul, etc; /112 Typescript memorandum relating to Naval Disarmament Conference; /119 Typescript notes relating to Cases of German Obstruction to the Work of Control; /120-/144 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Cecil and Chamberlain, relating to League of Nations, etc; /149-/171 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Churchill and Austen Chamberlain, including /152 Printed Report of the Committee on the Currency and Bank of England Note Issues and /156 Typescript notes on Pact, and /166 Newspaper cutting relating to American reaction to Churchill-Caillaux arrangement; /176-/236 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Crewe and Chamberlain, relating to Germany, France, Security and Disarmament, Turkey, Russia, etc, including /182 Typescript copy of letter from Herriot to Crewe, in French, /196 and /218 Newspaper cuttings, in French, relating to negotiations of Paul-Boncour, etc; /250-/303 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of D'Abernon and Chamberlain relating to Germany, Security and Disarmament, Brandenburg's book with references to Joseph Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austin; father of Austen Chamberlain], etc, and including /276 and /284 Newspaper cuttings, in French and German; /322-/324 Typescript copies of telegraphic correspondence between S. H. Dowell and Major Nathan, and typescript extract from 'The Economist' relating to British trade with China; /352-/361 Manuscript and typescript correspondence of Fisher and Chamberlain, including /353-/353a, and /355 Typescript memoranda relating to Inter-Allied Debts, Curzon Note and Dawes Plan [Brig.-Gen. Charles Gates Dawes; Vice-President of the United States, 1925-1929; various political offices], Cabinet Decision relating to Colonial Office, Dominions, etc, and may contain correspondence of Amery; /367-/389 Typescript list and typescript and manuscript correspondence of Bigge [Stamfordham] and Chamberlain relating to Egypt and the Sudan, Allenby's resignation, Command of the Egyptian Army, German disarmament, China, etc; /403-/414 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Graham and Chamberlain relating to Italy, etc; /416-/433 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Grahame and Chamberlain relating to Belgium, etc; /473-/475 Tyescript paraphrases of telegraphic communications of H. M. Ambassador at Berlin, relating to Security negotiations, etc; /476-/505 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Howard and Chamberlain relating to Geneva Protocol, Pan-American idea and Monroe Doctrine, Security and disarmament, etc, including /493 Typescript [copy] letter from Bridgeman to Howard; /571-/581 Manuscript and typescript correspondence, including telegraphic correspondence, of Lloyd and Chamberlain relating to Egypt, etc; /588-/595 Typescript and manuscript correspondence and notes of Sir Percy Loraine and Austen Chamberlain relating to Tehran, etc; /681 Typescript memorandum relating to Mosul, etc, in French; /694-/701 Typescript correspondence of Rumbold and Chamberlain relating to Spain, Russia, Morocco, Egypt, Balkans, etc; /702-/710 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Salisbury and Chamberlain, relating to Pact, Mosul, etc; /736-/744 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Steel-Maitland and Chamberlain, including /741-/742 Typescript memoranda relating to Eight Hours Labour Convention and interview with Thomas; /787-/797 Typescript and manuscript correspondence of Worthington-Evans and Chamberlain, including, /789 Newspaper cutting and /793 Typescript notes made by the C. I. G. S. on conversations with the King of Spain, Marshal Foch, etc; /798-/799 Cartoons
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/2a is in addition to /2; /15a is in addition to /15; /79a is in addition to /79; /109a and /109b are in addition to /109; /153a is in addition to /153; /271a is in addition to /271; /274b is in addition to /274; /353a is in addition to /353; /413a is in addition to /413; /628a is in addition to /628; /634a and /634b are in addition to /634; /653a is in addition to /653; /685a is in addition to /685; /786a is in addition to /786;/235 noted as removed and re-numbered AC 51/87a; /166, /196, /218, /276, /284, /789, are publication cuttings, including cartoons: /798-/799; some documents are becoming detached from mountings


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