Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC40/5/1-141
TitleMiscellaneous official correspondence and papers, 1933
Extentapprox. 147 items
DescriptionMiscellaneous typescript and manuscript correspondence; including telegraphic correspondence; and miscellanea; mainly arranged chronologically; may contain copy correspondence and drafts; contains correspondence in French; may contain envelopes; relating to Japan and Manchuria, Sino-Japanese Dispute and Sir John Simon's speech in China, German Propaganda, public opinion and the Gold Standard, Argentine and League of Nations, League of Nations Union and Locarno, League of Nations Union in Birmingham, alleged shipment of arms etc from Italy to Hungary and Germany, Austen Chamberlain's speeches, League Loans affairs, [Arnold-Forster]'s criticism, documents relating to the origins of the War, 'Life' of A. J. Balfour, Joint Committeee on India, [Austen Chamberlain] standing for West Birmingham, Aerial Bombing and the Disarmament Conference, League Air Force, statue of Joseph Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austen; father of Austen Chamberlain], letter from Pengelly to Director of Public Prosecutions, Times Leader on Germany by A. Kennedy, Lord Grey's [Edward Grey] [1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1905-1916; various other political offices] failing health, Sir F. Richards Memorial Committee, lack of support given by Rothermere and Beaverbrook to anti-Hitlerism, Kensington Housing Association meeting, G. C. B. conferred on Fleuriau, Lloyd George's book on financial crisis, Four Power discussions, Germany and public opinion, Lord Cecil's speech on Disarmament, Locarno policy, report on 'Collective Defence against Aggression', article on Nazi Germany, Germany and government attitude, Home Rule and Gladstone [Rt. Hon. William Ewart Gladstone] [Prime Minister 1869; 1880-1885; 1886; 1892-1894; various other political offices], Garvin's 'Life of Joseph Chamberlain' [James Louis Garvin] [Editor of 'The Observer', 1908-1942; author of 'The Life of Joseph Chamberlain', Vol. I, 1836-1885, Vol. II, 1885-1895, Vol. III, 1895-1900, 1934], League of Nations and its influence, Franco-Italian rapprochement, offer of Wardenship to Chamberlain of Walmer Castle, French policy towards Germany, Albert Hall meeting relating to Jews in Germany, "Friends of Europe", 70th birthday and 'Times' article, attitude towards League created by Bernon Bartlett's broadcast, pamphlet on 'Prevention of War by Collective Action', Wickham Steed's account of Cabinet discussions in 1922 relating to Charak and the position in Constantinople, affairs in New Zealand, popularity of Chamberlain in Russia, Hitler and the Nazi Movement, rearmament of Germany from French point of view, wearing medals and ribbons in House of Commons, Government's attitude to Disarmament Conference, settlement with Greeks of League Loans, importance of Austria and foreign policy generally, Chamberlain's speech on Germany and the Jews in the House of Commons, etc, 1933
Correspondents: Marquis Tokugawa, General Hu Han Min, [Sir Walford Harmood Montague] Selby [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Vienna, 1933-1937], Neville Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Arthur Neville; half-brother of Austen Chamberlain; Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1931-1937], Lord Cecil, [William [George] Tyrrell] [1st Baron Tyrrell of Avon; British Ambassador in Paris, 1928-1934], Stanley Baldwin [First Earl Baldwin of Bewdley; Prime Minister, 1923-1924, 1924-1929, 1935-1937; and various other political offices], [George] Gilbert [Aime] Murray [Professor; writer; Chairman League of Nations Union, 1923-1938], Eliot Wadsworth [President, Boston Chamber of Commerce], Sir John Simon, Sir Norman Angell, Harold Temperley, [Canon] Rogers, Vyvyan Adams, Londonderry, [Pengally] [Director of Public Prosecutions], Dino Grandi [Count (di Mordano) Grandi] [Italian Ambassador in London, 1932-1939] , A. L. Kennedy, Admiral Sir D. Nicholson, Lord Balfour of Burleigh, David Lloyd George [1st Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor; Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, 1916-1922; various political offices], [Henry] Wickham Steed [Lecturer of Central European History, King's College, Strand, 1925-1938], [James Clerk] Maxwell Garnett [Secretary of the League of Nations Union, 1920-1938], John Epstein, Hamilton Fish Armstrong [Miltary Attache, 'New York Evening Post', 'Foreign Affairs', and various advisory positions], Sir John Marriott, Marquess of Aberdeen, Rt. Hon. W. Hughes, Mrs. Dugdale, F. S. Oliver, [James] Ramsay MacDonald [First Labour Prime Minister, 1924 and 1929-1931], Sir Philip Hartog, [William Clive] Bridgeman [1st Viscount Bridgeman of Leigh; MP and various political offices], Esme [William] Howard [1st Baron Howard of Penrith; various diplomatic offices], [Maurice Pascal Alers] Hankey [1st Baron of The Chart; Cabinet, 1919-1938, and Clerk of the Privy Council, 1923-1938], Lord Bledisloe, Francois Pietri, [Robert] Anthony Eden [1st Earl of Avon; Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Foreign Office, 1931-1933], [Rt. Hon.] Sir Horace [George Montagu] Rumbold [British Ambassador at Berlin 1928-1933], Bardoux, Montagu [Collet] Norman [1st Baron Norman; Governor of the Bank of England, 1920-1944], Austen Chamberlain and others,
Includes: /1 Typescript list of papers [1933]; /83a Newspaper cutting relating to Austen Chamberlain's speeches; /94-/113 Typescript and manuscript correspondence, including telegraphic correspondence, from various personal and political acquaintances relating to congratulations on Chamberlain's 70th birthday, etc, including /113 Newspaper cutting relating to Chamberlain's 70th birthday; /121 Newspaper cutting relating to Wickham Steed's letter to Lord Beaverbrook
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/83a is in addition to /83; /96a is in addition to /96; /102a and /102b are in addition to /102; /117a is in addition to /117; /134a is in addition to /134; /83a, /113, /121 are newspaper cuttings; /102 has stamp removed from envelope


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