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TitleMiscellaneous official and personal correspondence and papers, 1935-1936
Extentapprox. 112 items
DescriptionMiscellaneous printed, typescript and manuscript correspondence, memoranda, notes and miscellanea; mainly arranged chronologically; may contain copy correspondence, extracts [and drafts]; contains correspondence in various languages; contains personal papers; relating to Smith's visit to U. S. A., article on Collective Security, Soviet Ambassador, Government's policy in Egypt and Austria, situation in U. S. A., burial of King George V, heavy duties of Prime Ministers, Chamberlain's speech on Defence, articles on Belligerent Rights, 1886 visit of Joseph Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austen; father of Austen Chamberlain] and Austen Chamberlain to Greece and meeting with Veniselos, German violation of Rhine frontier, British public opinion and policy of Collective Security, British support of France in face of German reoccupation of Rhine, Chamberlain's visit to Danube countries, appreciation of Alex Barton at Geneva, conclusion of Abyssinian War, failure of League to prevent Italian conquest of Abyssinia, Selby's appointment to Vienna to remain, proposed lecture tour for Chamberlain in America, Defence, trying to persuade America to join League of Nations, Presidential election in U. S. A. and European difficulties, Mussolini's appreciation of Chamberlain's attitude relating to Sanctions, importance of strong British policy, resignations from members of League of Nations Union, invitation to Chamberlain to be Master of Cordwainers' Company for Coronation, Centenary celebrations of Joseph Chamberlain, Coronation Commission for King Edward VIII, revision of Protocol at Geneva, France's economic situation, Egyptian Treaty and Austrian affairs, world situation and American affairs, Dissolution of Greater London and Counties Trust and part played by Harley Clarke, Chamberlain's articles relating to Germany in 'Daily Telegraph', Clerk's proposed visit to Paris, memento from Theodore Morison [University of Durham], effigies of Chamberlain and Winston Churchill in Park of Culture at Moscow, negotiations with Col. Sandford acting for Emp. of Abyssinia and Grandi acting for Mussolini to effect return of Haile Selassie, changing National Anthem, Phillips Memorial Service, Birmingham Jewellers' Banquet, Cordwainers' Banquet, autographs of Chamberlain, Chamberlain's election as Director of Edmundsons Elec. Corp. Ltd., Borden's address delivered at League of Nations Society, Joseph Chamberlain and mountaineering, report of Natonal Group of Fixed Trust Ltd., proposed visit of Austen and Ivy Chamberlain [nee Dundas; wife of Austen Chamberlain] to Paris, conferment of Hon. Degree of Universite de Lyon, constitutional crisis and Duke of Windsor, meeting of 'Friends of Briand', urging Cabinet to give more information to MP's on Defence policy, Chamberlain's article on Spain in the 'Daily Telegraph', etc, 1935-1936

Correspondents: Rennie Smith [MP], Dr. L. P. Jacks, [George] Gilbert [Aime] Murray [Professor; writer; Chairman League of Nations Union, 1923-1938], [Sir Walford Harmood Montague] Selby [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Vienna, 1933-1937], Eliot Wadsworth [President, Boston Chamber of Commerce], Lord Salisbury, Field Marshal Sir William Birdwood, Sir Philip Dawson, Duncan Sandys, Mrs. H. Macmillan, Lord Midleton, F. Hobbes Allen, Sir Sydney Waterlow, Count Vladimir d'Ormesson, Ida Chamberlain [half-sister of Austen Chamberlain], Lady Macleay, Dino Grandi [Count (di Mordano) Grandi] [Italian Ambassador in London, 1932-1939], [Robert Borden], W. Colston Leigh [The Leigh Bureau of Lectures and Entertainments], F. Hobbes Allen, , [James Clerk] Maxwell Garnett [Secretary of the League of Nations Union, 1920-1938], Lady Milner, Col. Biddulph, F. W. Mander, W. James Blackham, Joachim Stresemann, Rt. Hon. Sir Greig Latham [Chief Justice of Australia, 1935-1952], Prime Minister, [Henry] Wickham Steed [Lecturer of Central European History, King's College, Strand, 1925-1938], Sir Henry Strakosch, [James Scorgie] Meston [1st Baron Meston of Agra and Dunottar; various political offices], William Phillips, A. Kennedy, [Rt. Hon.] Sir George [Russell] Clerk [British Ambassador in Turkey, 1926-1933; at Brussels, 1933-1934; at Paris, 1934-1937], A. C. Morison, Geoffrey Mander, Col. Sandford, Sir Robert Vansittart, T. Thornely, Lord Wakefield, Lord Hewart, [Mackenzie King], Millington Drake, Viscount Cecil, Gen. Wade Hayes, Sir Robert Borden, W. Barrow, Sir G[eorge] Hamilton, Countess Greffulhe, Herriot, Lirondelle, Sorel, [Rt. Hon. Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer)] Churchill [Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1924-1929], Azcarate, Austen Chamberlain and others

Includes: /1 Typescript list of papers [1936]; /10 Ceremonial Service for burial of King George V, 1936
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