Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC1/8/9/1-28
TitleMiscellaneous papers and correspondence of the Chamberlain family
Extent31 items
Datec 1830-c 1934
DescriptionPapers of Mrs. Ellen Endicott [nee Peabody; mother of Mary Carnegie], Austen Chamberlain, [Arthur Chamberlain] [paternal relation of Austin Chamberlain], Ethel Steer, Arnold Steer, Joseph Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austen; father of Austen Chamberlain], [Richard] Chamberlain [paternal uncle of Austen Chamberlain], Anne Rooke [nee Nettlefold; paternal relation of Austen Chamberlain], and Mary Preston [paternal relation of Austen Chamberlain]; relating to family affairs, death of Anne Rooke, Milk Street business, bequests, etc., 1830-1923; [manuscript] letters from R. P. M. Gower and Stanley Baldwin [First Earl Baldwin of Bewdley; Prime Minister 1923-1924, 1924-1929, and 1935-1937; various other political offices] to Austen Chamberlain, relating to political matters, Jan 1920 and Sep, 1926; booklet, 'Covenant of the League of Nations', and correspondence regarding League of Nations; postcard/photograph of Locarno conference group, Jun, 1927; typescript letter from John Simon to Austen Chamberlain, relating to Disarmament conference, 19 Sep, 1932; two printed poems 'Keep yer heye on Joe' and 'Our Grand Old Joe'; newspaper cutting from the 'Times', relating to Naval Works Bill, 26 Jul, 1899; document 'A Statement on the League of Nations Union' endorsed by [Sir Robert] Cecil, Austen Chamberlain, and [George] Gilbert [Aime] Murray [Professor; writer; Chairman League of Nations Union, 1923-1938], Jun, 1934; manuscript 'H. M. S. 'Good Hope' Christmas 1902, carols'; manuscript poem, 'En-rapport with the Sea' dedicated from Maggie Sullivan Burke to Mrs. Endicott, [nd]; photograph of [Mont St. Michele]; publication, 'Speeches on Germany' with a foreward by Austen Chamberlain, issued by 'Friends of Europe', no. 7, 25 Oct, 1933; photograph of Neville Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Arthur Neville; half-brother of Austen Chamberlain]; [manuscript] letter to Austen Chamberlain from [Sir (Norman Fenwick)] Warren Fisher [Permanent Secretary of HM Treasury and Official Head of HM Civil Service, 1919-1939], relating to Austen leaving Treasury, 28, Apr, 1921; envelope addresssed 'Algiers 1906' with dried plants; christening service of Lawrence Endicott Chamberlain [son of Austen Chamberlain], dated 20 November, 1917
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Physical Description/22 is a newspaper cutting; /26 is a photograph; /28 is a photograph mounted on board; /8 is fragile; /30 has dried plants sealed in plastic with tape