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TitleCorrespondence from Beatrice, Hilda, and Ida Chamberlain to Austen Chamberlain
Extentapprox. 151 items
DescriptionManuscript letters; arranged chronologically; mainly from Beatrice, Hilda and Ida Chamberlain [sister and half-sisters of Austen Chamberlain] to Austen Chamberlain; relating to domestic and family topics: illness of Joseph Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austin; father of Austen Chamberlain], 1907-1914, births of Diane Chamberlain [Beatrice Diane Maxwell [nee Chamberlain], daughter of Austen Chamberlain] and Dorothy Ethel Chamberlain [daughter of Neville and Annie [nee de Vere Cole] Chamberlain; niece of Austen Chamberlain], 1912, illness of Mary Chamberlain [nee Endicott, Carnegie; step-mother of Austen Chamberlain], 1913, birth of Lawrence Endicott Chamberlain [son of Austen Chamberlain], death of John Chamberlain [paternal relation of Austen Chamberlain], 1917, death of Norman Chamberlain [paternal cousin of Austen Chamberlain], 1918, memorial for Beatrice Chamberlain, 1919, Highbury, 1918-1919, etc.; political topics: Tariff Reform, 1910-1913, coal strikes, 1910-11, Home Rule and Irish situation, First World War, 1914-1918, Russian Revolution, 1917, the League of Nations, and various activities of Beatrice, Hilda and Ida Chamberlain including children's welfare, Women's Land Army, housing, school kitchens, district council meetings, Board of Guardians, Local Economy, Coal Committee, Pig Club, Committee for War Memorial, Joint Parliamentary Advisory Council, Women's Institute meetings, etc.; miscellaneous topics: gardening, books, publication of book by Ida and Hilda Chamberlain, 1913, farming, etc.; some correspondence of others, miscellanea, etc.
Includes: /1-/25 Letters written by his sisters mainly from the Riviera to Austen Chamberlain, 1907-1914; /1 Letter from Beatrice Chamberlain voicing views of Joseph Chamberlain on current political situation, 1907; /13, /15, /17-/18, /20, /22-/25 Letters from Beatrice, Hilda and Ida Chamberlain relating to political situation, including Tariff Reform, Kendal election and Marconi scandal, elections, Home Rule and Irish situation, and beginnings of the First World War, 1913-14; /26-28 Letters from Beatrice, Hilda and Ida Chamberlain relating to Austen Chamberlain appointed Secretary of State for India and current political activities, 1915; /37-/38 Letters from Annie Chamberlain [nee de Vere Cole; sister-in-law of Austen Chamberlain] and Hilda Chamberlain relating to Neville Chamberlain's [Rt. Hon. Arthur Neville; half-brother of Austen Chamberlain] appt. as Director of National Service, 1916; /52-/54 Letters from Hilda and Ida Chamberlain relating to Russian Revolution, 1917; /67-70 Letters from Hilda and Ida Chamberlain, relating to Indian affair and Austen Chamberlain's resignation of office, 1917; /99 Letters from Neville, Hilda and Ida Chamberlain relating to Austen Chamberlain appt. to War Cabinet, 1918; /130 Letter from Hilda relating to Austen Chamberlain's appt. as Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1919; /136-137 Letters from Hilda and Ida relating to attempted assassination of Clemenceau, etc., 1919; /139 Letter from Hilda relating to Neville Chamberlain's maiden speech in Parliament, etc., 1919
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Physical Descriptionnumber /82 was assigned to two different letters which are now /82a and /82b; /82a is dated 1929; many letters are detached or are becoming detached from mountings