Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC1/4/5/1-53
TitleCorrespondence from Joseph Chamberlain to Austen Chamberlain and Beatrice Chamberlain
Extent62 items
Datec 1885-1907
DescriptionLetters from Joseph Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austen; father of Austen Chamberlain] mainly to Austen and Beatrice Chamberlain [sister of Austen Chamberlain] including: introductory note to [James Louis Garvin] [Writer on world-issues for The Daily Telegraph; Editor of the Outlook, 1905-1906; author of The Life of Joseph Chamberlain, Vol. I, 1836-1885, 1932; Vol. II 1885-1895, 1933; Vol. III 1895-1900, 1934]; letter to [Lady Dorothy Nevill] [family friend]; photographs: Joseph Chamberlain, 1883 and nd; notes from Mary Chamberlain [nee Endicott, Carnegie; step-mother of Austen Chamberlain]; manuscript copy of a letter from Joseph Chamberlain to Austen Chamberlain; dictation letter from Joseph and Ida Chamberlain [half-sister of Austen Chamberlain] to Austen Chamberlain; letters from Joseph Chamberlain to Beatrice Chamberlain relating to trip to the United States and Canada, 1887-1888; newspaper cuttings relating to trip to United States and Canada
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/46-7 include mounted newspaper cuttings; /49 and /51 are newspaper cuttings; /2 includes 2 photographs, one is detached from its mounting; /4, /5, /7 and /33 all have stamps cut from their envelopes; AC 1/4/5/4F is becoming detached from its mounting