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TitleCorrespondence from Mary Carnegie to Mrs Endicott
Extentapprox. 2759 items
DescriptionManuscript letters; arranged chronologically and including envelopes; from Mary Carnegie [nee Endicott, Chamberlain; step-mother of Austen Chamberlain] mainly to Mrs Ellen Endicott [nee Peabody; mother of Mary Carnegie]; includes correspondence of various family members and others; some dictation and typescript letters; miscellanea including press cuttings, menu cards, seating plans, sketches, telegraphic correspondence, fabric samples, orders of service, calling cards, etc; relating to travels, including the US, England, Scotland, Europe, Egypt, South Africa etc; domestic matters including marriage to Joseph Chamberlain [father of Austen Chamberlain], wedding and honeymoon, 1888, Chamberlain family, Highbury, presentation at Court, 1889, marriage of William Crowninshield Endicott Jr [brother of Mary Carnegie], 1889, presentations of Ida and Hilda Chamberlain, 1891, and Ethel Richards [nee Chamberlain] [half-sisters of Austen Chamberlain] at Court, illnesses and deaths of various family members including grandparents, 1892, William Crowninshield Endicott [father of Mary Carnegie], 1900, Neville Chamberlain's [Rt Hon Arthur Neville: half-brother of Austen Chamberlain] business in the Bahamas, 1891-1896, engagement and marriage of Ethel Chamberlain to Lionel Richards, 1900, birth of Hilda Mary Richards [daughter of Ethel [nee Chamberlain] and Lionel Richards; niece of Austen Chamberlain], 1901, death of Ethel Richards, 1905, Austen Chamberlain's marriage to Ivy Dundas [Ivy Chamberlain; wife of Austen Chamberlain], birth of Joseph Chamberlain [son of Austen Chamberlain], 1907, death of Colonel Lawrence Dundas [father-in-law of Austen Chamberlain], re-marriage of Lionel Richards [brother-in-law of Austen Chamberlain], 1908, Neville Chamberlain's engagement, 1910, and marriage to Anne de Vere Cole, and birth of Dorothy Ethel Chamberlain [daughter of Neville and Annie Chamberlain; niece of Austen Chamberlain], 1911, birth of Diane [Beatrice Diane Maxwell [nee Chamberlain], daughter of Austen Chamberlain], 1912, Joseph and Mary Chamberlain's silver wedding anniverary, 1913, birth of Francis Neville [nephew of Austen Chamberlain], death of Austen Chamberlain, 1913, dispersal of family and dismantling of Highbury, marriage to Canon Carnegie, and dismantling of Prince's Gardens, 1916, birth of Lawrence Endicott Chamberlain [son of Austen Chamberlain], 1917, death of Norman Chamberlain [paternal cousin of Austen Chamberlain], Highbury as hospital, death of Beatrice Chamberlain [sister of Austen Chamberlain], 1918, marriage of Francis Carnegie [step-daughter of Mary Carnegie], 1920, presentation of Jocosa Carnegie [step-daughter of Mary Carnegie], 1921, death of Mrs Carnegie [mother-in-law of Mary Carnegie], 1923, wedding of May Carnegie [step-daughter of Mary Carnegie], 1923, birth of daughter of May Carnegie, 1924 etc; political offices of family including Austen Chamberlain elected as MP, 1892, appointed as Civil Lord of the Admiralty, 1895, appointment and speeches as Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1903-1905, assumption of Joseph Chamberlain's constituency, 1914, in War Cabinet, 1918, Austen Chamberlain as Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1919-1921, Leader of the House and Lord Privy Seal, 1921-1922, Foreign Secretary, 1924-1929, Order of the Garter, 1925 etc; Neville Chamberlain elected Lord Mayor of Birmingham, 1915, as Director of National Service, 1917, as MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Minister of Health, 1920s etc; Joseph Chamberlain's speeches, appointment as Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1895, and political activities; political topics including Venezuelan dispute, and South African issues, such as the Transvaal, the Jameson Raid, Fashoda crisis, Spanish-American civil war, Commonwealth Bill, Liberal Unionist Association, opening of Parliament by King Edward VII, 1901, Colonial vote, Appropriation Bill, Guildhall dinners, trip to South Africa, 1902-1903, Tariff Reform, Alien's Bill, 1906, Canadian Reciprocity Agreement, 1911, coal strikes, Women's Suffrage movement, 1912, Corn Tax, 1913, political situation in Europe, esp before and during the First World War, and in Ireland [Ulster crisis, 1914], Christian Nurses Association and Red Cross sub-committee meetings [Mary Chamberlain on committee], Joseph Chamberlain's retirement from Parliament, 1913, First World War, 1914-1918, Russian Revolution, 1917, general strike, 1921, Irish situation, 1920-1921, General Election results, 1922, strikes, 1924, Locarno Conference and Treaty, 1925 etc; political figures including Prime Ministers, death of Rt Hon William Ewart Gladstone [Prime Minister, 1869, 1880-1885, 1886, 1892-1894, various other political offices], resignation of Arthur James Balfour [1st Earl of Balfour: Prime Minister, 1902-1905, various other political offices], 1911, Rt Hon Andrew Bonar Law [MP; Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, 1922-1923; various other political offices], 1923 etc; various contemporary and family events, including the wedding of the Duke of York, 1893, birth of Prince Edward, 1894, death of Prince Henry of Battenberg, 1896, Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 1897, and death, 1901, coronation of Edward VII, 1902, wedding of Princess Patricia, 1919, wedding of [Princess Mary], 1922, wedding of the Duke of York, 1923, death of Queen Alexandra, 1925, visits to Windsor, meetings with contemporary political figures, authors, artists, etc, portraits painted by [Sir John Everett] Millais and Sargent, Joseph Chamberlain's portraits painted by John Singer Sargant [artist: exhibited at the Salon and Academy], and Charles Wellington Furse [artist], Joseph Chamberlain's bust placed in Westminster Abbey, theatre, museums and gallery exhibitions, Joseph Chamberlain elected as Lord Rector of Glasgow University, given city honours, foundation of Birmingham University, statue of Joseph Chamberlain placed in the lobby of the House of Commons, sinking of the Titanic, the dedication of the tomb of the unknown soldier in London, the findings of the tomb of Tutankhamen, bicycle riding, aeroplane travel, underground travel etc
Various newspaper and publication cuttings relating to marriage to Joseph Chamberlain and presentation at Court, social, royal and political events etc.
Includes: /1165-1182 trip to South Africa, /604 Neville Chamberlain's wedding, /2081 Royal name change to Windsor, /2224 death of Beatrice Chamberlain, /2331-/2332 statue of Joseph Chamberlain in House of Commons, /2417 Canon Carnegie, /2467 visit of William Howard Taft, /2559 land for subsidy housing offered by Ida and Hilda Chamberlain, /2588 wedding of May Carnegie, and /2735 Austen Chamberlain and Order of the Garter etc
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/780-789 were duplicated and so the duplicates have been re-numbered /780a-789a; /105, /107, /121-22, /124; /2210 is out of sequence [dated OcCt 18, 1920];
there appears to be no number /2402;
/114, /132, /137, /183, /199, /216, /220, /449, /846, /1194, /2287 including fabric patterns in envelopes;
/385 including a separate scrap of paper with note; /1573 including calling card w/envelope;
/1649 including separate note in envelope; /2327 including small separate envelope; /2536 including calling card;
/707 and /709 including sketches and seating plans from Diamond Jubilee; 726 refers to Diamond Jubilee coin, /1107 including a crepe paper banner and menu from Town Hall dinner in honour of Joseph Chamberlain; /841 including 2 photographs of Mary and Joseph Chamberlain; /1643a-i are photographs of Austen and Ivy Chamberlain travelling in Europe; /2259 including photograph of Carnegie group; /525, /534, /551, /888 have pages missing;
/652 has a page torn off at the bottom;
/2386, /2485, /2519, /2657 have pages detached;
/2607 including 8 picture postcards;
/40-4, /58-71, /76-79, /81-82, /115, /136, /196, /228-242, /259, /326, /347, /390, /392, /458, /466, /958, /987-988, /1123, /1139, /1165-82, /1185, /1195, /1257, /1297, /1334, /1410, /1437, /1466, /1468, /1487-88, /1602, /1604, 1723-25, /1727, /1745, /1868, /1870-72, /1886-87, /1913, /1935, /1941-43, /1993, /2000, /2049, /2081, /2088-89, /2114, /2205, /2212, /2224, /2243, /2245, /2327, /2331-32, /2363, /2417, /2425, /2467, /2520, /2559, /2588, /2647, /2653, /2735 are newspaper and publication cuttings


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