Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC4/1/1-1358
TitleCorrespondence from Austen Chamberlain to Mary Carnegie
Extentapprox. 1372 items
DescriptionManuscript letters; arranged chronologically and including envelopes; from Austen Chamberlain to Mary Carnegie [nee Endicott, Chamberlain; step-mother of Austen Chamberlain]; various newspaper and publication cuttings, mostly relating to political matters; correspondence of various persons, including family members and political figures; miscellanea including: dinner menus and seating plans, typescript memoranda, telegraphic correspondence, drafts of speeches and reports, photographs and postcards, verses, etc.; relating to travel to U.S., Bahamas, Europe, Africa, etc. including letters relating to trips aboard 'Brittania' and H. M. Yacht 'Victoria and Albert' as Civil Lord of the Admiralty and following the coronation of Edward VII, 1902, Joseph Chamberlain's [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austin; father of Austen Chamberlain] trip to S. Africa following S. African War, 1902; domestic matters, including: Austen Chamberlain's engagement, wedding, honeymoon, including telegraphs, photographs and postcards, marriage, 1906, and births of children, Joe [Joseph; son of Austen Chamberlain], 1907 and Diane [Beatrice Diane Maxwell [nee Chamberlain]; daughter of Austen Chamberlain], 1912, matters relating to various family including Chamberlains, Endicotts, Peabodys, Kenricks, etc., telegraphs and correspondence relating to death of Colonel Lawrence Dundas [father-in-law of Austen Chamberlain], 1908, Neville Chamberlain's [Rt. Hon. Arthur Neville; half-brother of Austen Chamberlain] engagement and marriage, 1911, visit to grave of Ethel Richards [nee Chamberlain; half-sister of Austen Chamberlain] including photos, illness of Joseph Chamberlain, 1906-1914, illness and operation of Mary Chamberlain, publication of Hilda's and Ida's [half-sisters of Austen Chamberlain] book, 1913, birth of Francis Neville Chamberlain [nephew of Austen Chamberlain], death of Joseph Chamberlain, 1914, and breakup of Highbury and establishment of Highbury as hospital and later museum, marriage of Mary Chamberlain to Canon Carnegie, 1916, death of and memorial to Beatrice Chamberlain [sister of Austen Chamberlain], 1918-1919, biography of Joseph Chamberlain, death of Mrs. Ellen Endicott [nee Peabody; mother of Mary Carnegie], 1927, books published by Austen Chamberlain, etc.; miscellania relating to theatre, gallery exhibitions, gardening, etc.; political matters, including: Tariff Reform, Colonial Conference, Colonial Preference, 1907, Anglo-German Relations, Irish Univ. Bill, Oriental immigration into Canada, resignation of Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman [Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, from 1905, and various other political offices], Old Age Pensions Bill, Germany and Baghdad Rlwy., Anglo-Russian Treaty, Admiralty Dissensions, 1908, Fiscal Amendment, Naval Estimates, Scottish by-elections, Women's Suffrage, Reform of House of Lords, Irish Question and Home Rule, 1909, death of King Edward VII, Constitutional Crisis, Welsh Disestablishment, 1910, Turco-Italian War, resignation of Arthur James Balfour [1st Earl of Balfour; Prime Minister, 1902-1905, and various other political offices], Insurance Act, 1911, Industrial unrest including railway and coal strikes, Balkan Wars, Franchise and Registration Bill, Food Taxes, 1912 assassination of King of Greece, 1913, retirement of Joseph Chamberlain, transfer of Austen Chamberlain to W. Birmingham as MP, "Mutiny" at the Curragh, First World War, 1914, Russian Revolution, 1917, Treaty of Locarno, Austen Chamberlain made Knight of the Garter, 1925, and awarded Nobel Peace Prize, Olympic Games, Hitler, Mussolini, Spanish Civil War, 1936, etc.; correspondence relating to above topics and others during Austen Chamberlain's political career; contemporary topics: sinking of the Titanic, Captain Scott and the Polar Expedition, etc.
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionSome of the letters and envelopes are out of sequence according to their dates; /616 and /753 are either missing or the sequence is mis-numbered; /1053a-1062a are mis-numbered, thus assigned with 'a' to avoid confusion with /1053-1062; /92 including 5 photographs; /447 including 1 photograph; /699 is an envelope containing photographs; /700 is an envelope containing photograph negatives; /1269 and /1273 are or including photographs; /93 including 3 postcards; /118 including a mounted wallpaper sample and an unmounted card with table plan; /686 including publication reproductions; newspaper and publication cuttings, some mounted, some loose: AC 4/1/148 , /155, /159-/160, /168, /186, /207, /216, /220, /221, /239-/240, /250, /266, /293, /364-66, /369-70, /372-74, /378-79, /410-11, /443, /475-76, /478-80, /482, /497, /501-504, /510, /513, /517, /519, /522, /524-25, /529-30, /532-37, /554, /559, /565, /606, /612, /654, /732, /742-43, /746-47, /759, /774-75, /779-80, /787-88, /791-93, /796, /799-801, /805, /810, /819, /822, /835, /843, /905-06, /912, /931, /949-51, /953, /956, /963-64, /967, /972-75, /979-80, /989, /1011, /1059-60, /1056a, /1064-65, /1085-86, /1095, /1130, /1281, /1283, /1285-86; /4, /11, /13, /21, /58-/60, /62, /65, /756, /762, /785, /794, and /813 have stamps cut or torn from envelopes; /454 has a fragment torn from the letter; many are coming loose or are loose from their mountings; some of the envelopes contain seals which are crumbling


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