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TitleMiscellaneous correspondence of Mary Carnegie
Extentapprox. 255 items
DescriptionManuscript and some typescript letters; arranged alphabetically by surname; including envelopes; from various people, mainly to Mary Carnegie [nee Endicott, Chamberlain; step-mother of Austen Chamberlain; third wife of Joseph Chamberlain]; miscellaneous memoranda, photographs, etc.; relating to various topics, mainly political.

Correspondents: Buckingham Palace, Rt. Hon. Leopold Stennett Amery [MP and various political offices], Arthur Oliver Villiers Russell Ampthill [2nd Baron Ampthill, Assistant Private Secretary to Joseph Chamberlain, 1895-1897; Private Secretary, 1897-1900], Anstruther, Barnes, [Bennborough], [Beresford], Liet-Col. Rt. Hon. Arthur John Bigge [1st Baron Stamfordham; Private Secretary to Queen Victoria, 1895-1901, and to Prince of Wales, 1901-1910], [Sir (George) Trenchard] Cox [Director of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, 1944-1955], Oswald [Keeper of Archaeology, City Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, c. 1952], Sir John Boraston [Principal Unionist Agent], [Boscowan], Cochrane, Rt. Hon. Jesse Collings [Liberal MP, Bordesley, Birmingham (1886-1918)], [Robert Offley Ashburton] Crewe[-Milnes] [1st Marquess of Crewe; various political offices], Cromer, James Louis Garvin [Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopaedia Britannica', 1926-1929; Editor, Pall Mall Gazette, 1912-1915; of 'The Outlook', 1905-1906; of 'The Observer', 1908-1942; author of 'The Life of Joseph Chamberlain', Vol. I, 1836-1885, Vol. II, 1885-1895, Vol. III, 1895-1900, 1934], Goulding, W[illiam] A[lbert] S[amuel] Hewins [MP; various political offices], Lassetter, Lawrence, Lethbridge, [L. J.] Maxse [Editor of the 'National Review'], [Mrs. F. Piggoh], Storr, Sutherland, [Sir] [H]enry [F]rancis [Harry] Wilson [Colonial Secretary, Orange River Colony] and others.

Includes: /4 Letter from Buckingham Palace inviting Mary Chamberlain to the Palace to receive congratulations on the successful S. African tour, 1903; /7-15 Letters and memoranda, some typescript from Amery relating to various political events and activities, such as Imperial Preference, H. of C. debates preceding the First World War, etc, including a typescript copy of a [dictation] letter from [Joseph Chamberlain] [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austin; father of Austen Chamberlain] relating to Imperial Fund and Imperial Preference, 1913-1948; /16 Typed transcript of a talk given by Amery on Joseph Chamberlain for the B. B. C. series 'Famous Men', 1948; /32-49 Correspondence regarding donations of Joseph Chamberlain's uniforms and watercolour to City Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, 1952; /50-67 Correspondence from the University of Birmingham and [W. B. Kenrick] [maternal relation of Austen Chamberlain] relating to Chamberlain Memorial Tower, foundation of the University, etc., 1953-1954; /68-85 Correspondence, including typescript letters and memoranda mainly of Boraston relating to political activities and events, 1907-1916; /88 Typed transcript of B. B. C. radio programme 'Joseph Chamberlain and the Government of the City of Birmingham', 1949; /89-104 Correspondence mainly between Mary Carnegie and the B. B. C. relating to broadcasts about the life of Joseph Chamberlain, 1949-1953; /107-108 Letters from Frances Carnegie [step-daughter of Mary Carnegie] to Mrs. Ellen Endicott [nee Peabody; mother of Mary Carnegie] relating to marriage of Mary to Canon Carnegie, 1916; /114 Letter from Mary Endicott to Collings relating to postponement of marriage to Joseph Chamberlain, 1888; /116-121 Mainly letters from Crewe relating to S. Aftrica, 1906-1912; /134-135 Letters relating to Sargent portrait of Joseph Chamberlain [John Singer Sargent; artist; exhibited at the Salon and Academy] to be copied for the Carlton Club, 1918; /136-138 Letters from Garvin, relating to 'Life of Joseph Chamberlain', 1926; /140-147 Letters from Goulding relating to Tariff Reform, etc. [1906-1910]; /152-155 Typescript memoranda relating to resolution passed by the House of Assembly of Barbados after death of Joseph Chamberlain, 1914; /157-163 Letters, some typescript, from Hewins relating to Canadian General Tariff, including "Message to the 'Montreal Star'" from Joseph Chamberlain, 1906; /171 Letter from H. B. Lassetter relating to treatment of prisoners in Boer War, 1901; /173-176 Letters from [Sir] Joseph Lawrence [MP] relating to political activities, 1907-1908; /177-80 Letters from Lethbridge relating to Imperial Preference, Tariff Reform, etc., 1906-1913; /185-190 Letters, some typescript from Maxre mainly relating to Italian war in Tripoli, including typed transcript of statement made by Lord Roberts, 1911-1912; /195-198 Letters from Northcote relating to political situation in Australia, 1906-1907; /203-205 Letters from [Mrs. F. Piggoh] relating to various topics, including mention of colonial nursing scheme, [c. 1898]; /210 Letter offering burial of Joseph Chamberlain in Westminster Abbey, 1914; /217-221 Letters from Lancelot Storr relating to political situation in India, etc., 1904-1914; /222-224 Letters from Sutherland relating to Reciprocity, etc., 1909-c. 1911; /233 Letter from Osborne, relating to death of Prince Henry of Battenberg, 1896; /234 Letter from Buckingham Palace expressing sympathy for death of William Crowninshield Endicott [father of Mary Chamberlain], 1900; /235 Printed copy of 'Monthly Notes' for the Tariff Reform League, Bradford Branch, 1905; /238-245 Letters from Wilson, including typescript copies of letters from Resident and Assistant Resident Magistrates of Orange River Colony, and reprint from 'Financial Times' , "North Charterland Exploration Company [1910], Limited.", 1906-1913; /248 Memorial Service, Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace, 25th November, 1899; /249-251 Memoranda of Mary Chamberlain relating to various topics. including Venezuelan dispute, London and Liverpool Schools of Tropical Medicine, etc nd; /252 Typescript letter relating to Joseph Chamberlain's trip to S. Africa, circa 1902-1903
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/31 including photographs of Joseph Chamberlain's uniforms: Privy Councillor, Levee dress and Uniform of the Trinity House; /225 including photograph of unidentified figures; some letters appear to be incomplete; /25, /114, /134, /151, /170-1, /225, /233 have stamps removed from envelopes