Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC6/1/1-1063
TitleCorrespondence from Austen to Ivy Chamberlain
Extentapprox. 1097
DescriptionManuscript and typescript letters; arranged chronologically and including envelopes; mainly from Austen Chamberlain to Ivy Chamberlain [nee Dundas; wife of Austen Chamberlain]; miscellanea including receipts and invoices, telegraphic correspondence, some typescript notes, etc; some correspondence of others; relating to family and domestic topics: engagement and marriage, illness of Joseph Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Joseph Austin; father of Austen Chamberlain], 1906, settling into Egerton Place, birth of Joseph Chamberlain [son of Austen Chamberlain], 1907, death of Colonel Lawrence Dundas [father-in-law of Austen Chamberlain], 1908, birth of Diane Chamberlain [Beatrice Diane Maxwell [nee Chamberlain], daughter of Austen Chamberlain], 1912, birth of Francis Neville Chamberlain [nephew of Austen Chamberlain], 1914, engagement and marriage of Mary Chamberlain [nee Endicott, Carnegie; step-mother of Austen Chamberlain] to Canon Carnegie, 1916, birth of Lawrence Endicott Chamberlain [son of Austen Chamberlain], 1917, illness of Austen Chamberlain, 1928, marriage of Diane Chamberlain, 1935, family illnesses, deaths, weddings, births, schools, homes, etc.; travels, including political trips to Russia, 1912, France, 1917-1919, Italy, 1924, Switzerland and Italy [Locarno], 1925, France, Switzerland, 1926, Switzerland, 1927; references to political topics and activities, including Land Bill, Transvaal, Tariff Reform, 1907, Old Age Pensions, 1908, Austen Chamberlain In Opposition, 1905-1915, railway strike, 1911, Austen Chamberlain taking over Birmingham seat from Joseph Chamberlain, Home Rule Bill, 1914, First World War, 1914-1918, Austen Chamberlain as Secretary of State for India, 1915-1917, Compulsory Service Bill, Finance Committee, Secret Session, Dublin uprising, 1916, Women's Suffrage, 1917, Man Power Bill, Reform Bill, 1918, War Cabinet, Imperial Cabinet, Austen Chamberlain as Minister without Portfolio, 1918-1919, railway strike, Austen Chamberlain as Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1919, Naval Construction Vote, Key Industries Bill, 1921, Sinn Fein and Irish situation, Austen Chamberlain as Leader of the House and Lord Privy Seal, 1921-1922, Austen Chamberlain out of office, 1922-1923, Poplar, Irish Situation, 1924, Austen Chamberlain as Foreign Secretary, 1924-1929, Locarno Conference and Treaty, 1925, Egyptian Crisis, 1926-1927, Nobel Peace Prize, situation in China, 1927, Austen Chamberlain in opposition, 1929-1931, Imperial Conference, 1930, Trades Dispute Bill, Austen Chamberlain as First Lord of the Admiralty, overthrow of King Alfonso in Spain, 1931, Austen Chamberlain as back-bench critic, 1931-1937, Lausanne, 1932, Committee on League Loans, Conference on Housing, India Committee and Bill, German Treaty, Rural Housing Act, 1933, Budgets, bank committee meetings, Liberal Unionists, elections, shadow cabinets, League of Nations, etc.; miscellaneous topics including viewing of Scott Polar Expedition photographs, Highbury and its break-up, gardening, books, art exhibitions, biography of Joseph Chamberlain, Tweed's statue of Joseph Chamberlain, Cohen's portrait of Austen Chamberlain, Birmingham Jewellers' dinners, art exhibitions, theatre, books, Austen Chamberlain's publications, Milward's bust of Austen Chamberlain, School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Post-Graduate Medical School, Cordwainers, bust by Strobl, etc.
Includes: /1-/9 Letters written during engagement of Ivy Dundas and Austen Chamberlain [in Algiers and in London], 1906; /8-/9 Letters relating to illness of Joseph Chamberlain, 1906; /91-/101 Letters relating to Unionist Peers voting with or against [Hardinge Stanley Giffard] Halsbury [1st Earl of Halsbury; Oversaw complete 'The Laws of England', 1905-1916], government creation of Peers, debates, railway strike, etc., 1911; /113-/ 118 Letters from Europe and Russia, relating to trip to Russia, 1912; /136 Newspaper cutting relating to loans to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery; /145 Letter relating to Austen Chamberlain taking over Birmingham seat from Joseph Chamberlain, 1914; /155 Cartoon relating to Home Rule Bill; /164 Letter relating to First World War, break-up of Highbury, etc., 1915; /192-204 Letters relating to Finance Committee, Secret Session, Dublin uprising, First World War, Parliament, etc., 1916; /220l Letter relating to entry of United States into First World War, 1917; /220ab-ac are telegraphic correspondence relating to engagement of Austen Chamberlain and Ivy Dundas, 1906; /220ai-/220aj and /220am-/220az Letters relating to Mesopotamian incident, etc., 1917; /220bb-/220bc, /220bf, /258, /278-279 Letters from France, relating to meetings with Director General of Transport and others, etc., 1917-1918; /271 Newspaper cutting relating to Reform Bill; /280 and /283 Letters relating to Austen Chamberlain joining War Cabinet, 1918; /284 and /288 Newspaper cuttings relating to Austen Chamberlain joining War Cabinet; /298 Letter relating to Austen Chamberlain acting as temporary First Lord, 1918; /318-/333 Letters relating to Armistice, etc., 1918; /336-/342 Letters written from Paris, relating to peace negotiations, etc., 1919; /372-73 Newspaper cuttings; /382 Newspaper cutting relating to Austen Chamberlain as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Budget; /393-470, /473-74 Letters relating to Parliamentary sessions, primarily Irish situation, and domestic topics, 1921-22; /411-/416 Newspaper cuttings relating to railway strikes, Press persecution of Austen Chamberlain, Irish Settlement, etc.; /429 Newspaper cutting; /451-53 Newspaper cuttings; /461 Typescript notes of speech relating to Irish situation, 1921; /480 Newspaper cutting; /513 Newspaper cutting relating to Unionist Party Meeting; /516 Newspaper cutting; /551 Newspaper cutting relating to Irish Crisis; /558-/593 Letters relating to General election, etc., 1924; /563 Letter relating to possibility of General election and Austen Chamberlain appointed to Foreign Office, 1924; /579-/582 Letters relating to denouncing of Russian Communist machinations by Foreign Office, political hoax, General election, etc., 1924; /590, /592-/593 Letters relating to election outcomes and political appointments, 1924; /595-/596 Letters from Rome relating to meetings with Mussolini, etc., 1924; /601-/603 Letters from Geneva, 1925; /605-/606 Letters relating to outcome of Geneva talks, 1925; /609-611 Newspaper cuttings relating to peace negotiations and British Foreign Policy; /621-/623 Letters from Locarno, 1925; /623 Letter to Tyrell relating to success of conference, 1925; /624 Letter from Tyrell in reply to /623, 1925; /625-/628 Letters from Geneva relating to Council meetings, 1925, League, 1926; /630-/631 Letters from Paris, 1926; /634 Newspaper cutting; /646 Letter relating to ceremony in Birmingham, 1926; /653-/654 Letters from Geneva, 1926; /672-/680 Letters from Geneva, relating to Assembly, etc., 1926; /681 Letter relating to Nobel Peace Prize, 1927; /689-/695 Letters from Geneva, 1927; /732 Letter relating to agreement between Mussolini and Vatican, etc., 1929; /778, /782-/786 Letters relating to Trades Disputes Bill, etc., 1931; /791 Newspaper cutting relating to Beatrice Chamberlain [sister of Austen Chamberlain] at Les Ruches; /800-/810 Letters relating to political situation and offices, including Austen Chamberlain's disappointment at appointment as First Lord of the Admiralty, 1931; /812 Newspaper cutting; /815-/831 political situation, Austen Chamberlain's dissatisfaction with office, etc. 1931; /829-830 Typescript [copies] of speeches made in Birmingham, 1931; /829 -/847 elections, etc., 1931; /849 Typescript copy of Austen Chamberlain's resignation of office as First Lord of the Admiralty, 1931; /850-/856 Political situation, aftermath of resignation, Parliament, etc., 1931; /888-/899 Letters from France, Italy, Switzerland and yacht "Dolphin", relating to some political meetings, travel, etc., 1932; /947-/948 Newspaper cuttings relating to Housing and Slums; /949 Letter including views on Hitler, 1933; /951 Newspaper cutting; /955 Newspaper cutting relating to presentation to Diane Chamberlain; /972, /1001 Letters relating to views on Roosevelt and American government, 1933; /981 and ff. Letters relating to precarious state of foreign affairs, 1933; /986 Letter including typescript correspondence relating to "Polish Corridor" and Germany, 1933; /1007-/1008 Letters relating to von Papen's speech and Germany, 1933; /1014 Letter relating to acceptance of directorship of Marten's Bank, 1933; /1015 Letter relating to Roosevelt message, Hiter speech, etc., 1933; /1023-25 Newspaper cuttings relating to duties on French goods and private manufacture of arms; /1028 Newspaper cutting relating to Austen Chamberlain at Castle Bromwich, including photograph; /1034-/1035 Letters relating to Germany and foreign situation, etc., 1934; /1048, /1050 Letters relating to foreign situation, etc., 1935; /1055 Newspaper cutting; /1060 Newspaper cutting relating to Strobl's bust of Chamberlain
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/27A is in addition to /27; /220 is followed by additional series: /220a-z, /220aa-az and /220bb-bf; there are no numbers 221-257; number /290 was assigned to two different letters which are now /290a and /290b; there is no number /324; /330a is in addition to /330; number /426 was assigned to two different letters which are now /426a and /426b; there is no number /435; number /482 was assigned to two different letters which are now /482a and /482b; /551a is in addition to /551; there is no number /572; /711 including picture postcards; /652a is in addition to /652; number /752 was assigned to two different letters which are now /752a and /752b; number /898 was assigned to two different letters which are now /898a and /898b; /1035A, /1036A-1036C are in addition to /1035 and /1036 and are out of sequence and have no envelopes; /136, /155, /271, /284, /288, /372, /373, /382, /411-/416, /429, /451-/453, /480, /513, /516, /551, /609-/611, /634, /791, /812, /947, /948, /951, /955, /1023-/1025, /1028, /1055, /1060 are newspaper cuttings; /482 including note with paperclip attached; some letters are detached or are becoming detached from mountings; /4, /141 including dried plants in transparent envelopes; some envelopes have seals which are crumbling