Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)AC9/3/1-64
TitleMiscellaneous official correspondence and papers, 1910-1911
Extentapprox. 66 items
DescriptionMiscellaneous typescript and manuscript correspondence, notes, memoranda and miscellanea; arranged alphabetically by surname; may contain copy correspondence; 1910-1911
Correspondents: Herbert Henry Asquith [1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury 1908-1916], Balcarres, Arthur James Balfour [1st Earl of Balfour; Prime Minister, 1902-1905, and various other political offices], Borden, W. de Broke, W. W. Butler, Hugh Cecil, Neville Chamberlain [Rt. Hon. Arthur Neville; half-brother of Austen Chamberlain; elected to City Council, 1911], Rt. Hon. Jesse Collings [Liberal MP, Bordesley, Birmingham (1886-1918)], George Curzon [1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston; various political offices], J. Duncan, [Forster], James Louis Garvin [Editor of 'The Outlook', 1905-1906; of 'The Observer', 1908-1942; author of 'The Life of Joseph Chamberlain', Vol. I, 1836-1885, Vol. II, 1885-1895, Vol. III, 1895-1900, 1934], Grey [MP], Holmes Ivory, P. H. Kew, Lansdowne, Rt. Hon. Andrew Bonar Law [Leader of Opposition in House of Commons, 1911-1915; Leader of Unionist Party, 1911-1921 (resigned)], Roper Lethbridge, David Lloyd George [1st Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor; Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1908-1915], Balcarres, MacFall, Malmesbury, Rt. Hon. George Wyndham [MP; various political offices], [Alfred] Milner [1st Viscount Milner; various political offices], Murray, Palgrave, Plymouth, Lady Primrose, Revelstoke, Admiral Richards, R. Sanders, [William Waldegrave Palmer] Selborne [2nd Earl of Selborne; Governor of Transvaal and High Commissioner for South Africa, 1905-1910], [Triggs], [Sir (Charles)] Arnold White [Chief Justice of Madras, 1899-1914], B. R. Wise, Wolmer, Austen Chamberlain and others
Includes: /5-/6 Manuscript letter from Balfour to Austen Chamberlain and typescript memorandum, relating to Insurance Bill, 1911; /10 Typescript memorandum by [Cecil] relating to Tariff Reform; /13 Typescript letter from Austen Chamberlain to Mary Chamberlain [nee Endicott, Carnegie; step-mother of Austen Chamberlain] relating to details of political activities, resignation of leadership, etc, in diary form, 1911; /22-/25 Manuscript letters from Garvin relating to various topics, [1911]; /31-/33 Manuscript letters from Lansdowne relating to various topics, 1910-1911; /35-/37 Manuscript letters from and typescript memorandum by Lethbridge relating to Imperial Preference in India, including /37 newspaper cutting, 1911; /44-/48 Manuscript letters and notes from Palgrave relating to suggestions for Liberal Unionists [and Conservatives], etc, 1910-1911; /54-/58, /59a Typescript and manuscript letters from and memoranda by Selborne relating to Parliament Bill, Tariff Reform, etc, 1911; /60-/62 Manuscript and typescript correspondence and notes of White and Lloyd George [forwarded to Austen Chamberlain] relating to Liberal Unionists, Socialism, National Defence, etc, 1911
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/38 appears to be out of alphabetical sequence; /40a is in addition to /40 and appears to be out of alphabetical sequence; /59a is in addition to /59 and appears to be out of alphabetical sequence and part of a copy of /58; /37 is a newspaper cutting


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