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TitleLetter from Austen Chamberlain to Max [Beaverbrook]
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DescriptionLetter from 58 Rutland Gate, London, S.W. 7 on 8 July 1932 explaining that some time ago he accepted the Chairmanship of the Court of the Governors of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. The School 'Thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation has a very fine & well-equipped School building and we receive a large annual grant from the University Grants' Committee (40,000 GBP)'. He goes on to say the there is a shortfall in funds, and he is therefore asking friends for 'guaranteed subscriptions for 5 or 7 years to tide us over these difficult times and to bridge the gap of £10,000, between our income and necessary expenditure...I hope... that you will feel able to give us a subscription of £1, 000 spread over the five years' . He says 'It is a work in which my father was deeply interested - he & Mawson were indeed the founders of the Tropical School - & I feel it a filial duty to do what I can for it'. Accompanied by a typed transcript.
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