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TitleLetters from Austen Chamberlain to [Lord] Beaverbrook (William Maxwell Aitken, 1879-1964, 1st Baron Beaverbrook, newspaper proprietor): 2 March 1918 (2 copies), 30 June 1931. Photocopies
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DescriptionThe letter of 1918, of which there are two copies, is a letter written from Barton St Mary, East Grinstead. In this, Chamberlain distances himself from the resolution passed by the Unionist War Committee which went beyond his position with regard to the relationship between the Governmentand the press following the creation of the Ministry of Information under Lord Beaverbrook. Chamberlain sets out his own objections to the connection in some detail and refers to his speech in the House [on 19 February] on the subject

The second letter, written from 58 Rutland Gate [London], SW7 has some autograph alterations and additions. It appears to have been written in response to a communication from Beaverbrook in connection with the latter's forthcoming publication, 'Politicians and the War 1914-1916' (vol 2, 1932) The letter, which contains a reference to the proofs which Beaverbrook enclosed, relates to Chamberlain's recollections of the events which led to the resignation of Asquith as prime minister in December 1916 and to Chamberlain's role and that of [Andrew] Bonar Law (1858-1923, statesman)
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