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TitleLetters from Austen Chamberlain to Mr Routh
Extent2 items
Description/246 is sent from 58 Rutland Gate, S.W.7 [London] and dated 14 November 1932; /247 has been trimmed from a larger sheet of paper and has consequently lost any address or date although, from the context, it would appear to have been written after the letter of 14 November on the same subject.

The correspondence concerns the setting of an examination paper by Chamberlain, for which the context and subject are unknown. In /246 he asks Routh - if it will not cause him embarrassment - to look at his suggested paper and give his advice on the questions, and asks whether 'all of them can be done in the time?' He also provides alternative questions, if Routh would prefer to substitute them. The letter is typewritten, with handwritten corrections. The undated letter, /247, refers to the enclosure of 'the final form of the examination paper' and Chamberlain comments: 'You will see that I have run together the original questions 1 and 2 and cut out one question'. The letter is also
typewritten, and the signature and amendments are in pencil. Chamberlain writes: excuse pencil. I write from my bed'.
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