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TitlePortfolio 167: Society for Photographing Relics of Old London (II)
Extent1 box
DescriptionAT/1/Portfolio167 contains photographs numbered 37-76 within the Society for Photographing Relics of Old London series. Also contained is information by [Alfred] Marks about the Society for Photographing Relics of Old London sixth year's series [1880], which photographed the buildings of the London Charterhouse.

For photos numbered 1-36 and 77-120, see AT/1/Portfolio166 and AT/1/Portfolio168

Photo's numbered 37-48 are dated 1880; numbers 49-60 are dated 1881; numbers 61-72 dated 1882; numbers 73-84 dated 1883. Most of the photographs are initialled 'AM', probably Alfred Marks.

37: Charterhouse, General view
38: Charterhouse, Preacher's Court
39: Charterhouse, Washhouse Court
40: Charterhouse, Cloisters
41: Charterhouse, Great Hall
42: Charterhouse, Great Hall
43: Charterhouse, Great Hall
44: Charterhouse, Great Hall
45: Charterhouse, Grand Staircase
46: Charterhouse, Governors' Room
47: Charterhouse, Entrance to Chapel
48: Charterhouse, Founder's Tomb
49: King's Head Inn Yard, Southwark
50: King's Head Inn Yard, Southwark
51: White Hart Inn Yard, Southwark
52: White Hart Inn Yard, Southwark
53: George Inn Yard, Southwark
54: Queen's Head Inn Yard, Southwark
55: Queen's Head Inn yard, Southwark
56: Old Houses in Borough High Street, Southwark
57: St Mary Overy's Dock, Southwark
58: Old Houses in Bermondsey Street
59: Sion College, London Wall
60: Oxford Market [London]
61: Little Dean's Yard, Westminster
62: Ashburnham House, Exterior
63: Ashburnham House, Staircase
64: Ashburnham House, Staircase
65: Ashburnham House, Ante Room
66: Ashburnham House, Dining Room
67: Ashburnham House, Garden
67a: [Ashburnham House, Door, unpublished]
67b: [Ashburnham House, Drawing Room Ceiling, unpublished]
67c: [Ashburnham House, Door, unpublished]
[67d: Ashburnham House, Staircase. Unnumbered, unpublished]
68: Banqueting House, Whitehall
69: Water Gate of York House
70: Lincoln's Inn Field, West Side
71: Lincoln's Inn Fields, Lindsey House
72: Lincoln's Inn Fields, Newcastle House
73: Lambeth Palace, Gate House
74: Lambeth Palace, Great Hall
75: Lambeth palace, Lollards Tower
76: Old House, Palace Yard, Lambeth
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Administrative HistoryAccording to Alfred Marks, the Honorary Secretary, the Society for Photographing Relics of Old London was formed by friends wanting to record the Oxford Arms Inn which was under threat of demolition. The availability of the 'photographic views' was publicised through a letter to 'The Times' and as the project was well received, it was found practical to continue the series. In all, twelve issues were produced in annual issues from 1875 to 1886, comprising a total of 120 published photographs.

Photographs numbers 1-18 were printed by A. & J. Bool, Warwick Street Pimlico, S.W. Photographs 19-24 were printed by Henry Dixon, Albany St, from negatives taken by A. & J. Bool. Photographs 25-120 were photographed and printed by Henry Dixon.
CopiesImages of each photo in the series can be found on the British Library website © British Library Board, and also the Royal Academy website:
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