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TitleAdministrative papers
Extent126 files
DescriptionExtensive sequence of administrative papers comprising minutes and meeting papers; reports and supporting documentation; financial records; and items of correspondence and copy correspondence. As a whole, the papers discuss various subjects including issues surrounding national recreation centres; grant awards; research projects; issues surrounding the Olympic and Commonwealth Games; along with papers on various sports including karate and rugby football. During the late 1990s, the majority of papers relate to grant awards and applications made via the Sports Lottery Fund.

The papers are ordered chronologically. Between 1966 and the early 1970s, the Council retained separate folders for each sub-committee reporting to them. From 1973 sub-committee papers are not sub-divided and were bundled together. As such, the original order of this material has been retained. Researchers should be aware that they need to search individual sub-series in order to trace the work of one particular committee.

The Sports Council met regularly, usually once a month, throughout the year. Meetings were usually held in London and attendees included members, assesors and obvservers. The Sports Council received reports and recommendations from various sub-committees which reported to it. The terms of reference of these sub-committees were:

International Committee:
To consider and advise on matters relating to the development of international sport at home and overseas and, in particular, to advise on principles and working rules by which government grants may be made for international teams competing overseas; world and european international events at home; international conferences at home and overseas; coaching, advisory and lecture visits overseas; Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Sports Development and Coaching Committee:
To advise on matters, except international, relating to the further development of sport by national voluntary organisations and, in particular, to consider the general principles of grant-aid for headquarters administration and coaching development; capital development of facilities for local voluntary organisations and national centres.

Research and Statistics Committee:
To advise on matters of scientific research related to sport and, in particular, to consider the development of medical research in sport and to recommend financial grant for approved schemes of research; consider schemes of sociological research related to sport and physical recreation adn to recommend appropriate grants; acquire statistical data and documentation on sport and physical recreation.

Facilities Planning Committee:
To advise on matters relating to the provision and improvement of facilities for sport and physical recreation and, in particular, to examine the powers and responsibilities of government departments, local authorities, boards, commissions and other agencies concerned with planning and providing facilities for sport and physical recreation and to recommend ways and means of increasing the provision of new facilities and improving existing facilities; consult local authority associations and local education authorities and various national organisations to find means of stimulating the pace of development of facilities for sport and recreation; consider national and regional planning of recreating facilities for open space land, waterways, coastal areas and for development of large-scale indoor facilities, stadia and swimming pools, and to recommend appropriate action.
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