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TitleSouthern Committee
Extent7 volumes and 3 files
DescriptionMinutes from a variety of committees and sub-committees are contained within the volumes of this sequence illustrating the administration of the association. There appears to be some overlap of minute books in the 1960s resulting ocassionally in duplicate minutes being kept in different volumes. It seems that the minute-keepers had more than one minute book active at a given time and so some committees may not be as fully represented in one volume as it may be in another.

The Southern committee was responsible for the overall administration and decision making with the other committees and sub-committees having responsibility for specific areas. They reported back to the Southern committee with their findings which were minuted in the committee meetings and they in turn informed the Amateur Athletic Association of developmenta within the association.

Minutes from the following committees can be found within the minutes of this series: Official's Committee; Southern Championships Committee; Handicapping Board of Control; Finance and General Purposes committee.

Minutes from the following sub-committess can be found within the minutes of this series: Coaching Sub-Committee; General Purposes Sub-Committee; Development Sub-Committee; Southern Championships Sub-Committee.

The Southern Committee was established in to administer the athletics of the southern counties until the decision was made to create the Southern Counties Amateur Athletic Association in 1961. The previous minute books covering the years are to be found in the Amateur Athletics Association archive at reference. Many of the SCAAA officers sat on more than one committee, including that of the AAA.

The Southern Committee of the Amateur Athletic Association officially became the Southern Counties Amateur Athletic Association in March 1961, and was from then on equal footing with the Midland and Northern Counties Amateur Athletic Association. Prior to this the Southern Committee, as part of the Amateur Athletic Association, administered the sport for the southern counties of England.
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