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TitleLetter from Lawrence Alma-Tadema to George Henschel
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DescriptionWritten from Kissingen dated 16 August. Alma-Tadema thanks Henschel for his letter but jokes that Mrs Henschel left him out of her greetings. He writes about his wife's state of health, and says that they cannot accept the Henschel's invitation because they do not know how much more treatment she will need. He writes: 'It is a frightful loss of time for me to hang about in this unhealthy sultry half civilized spot where the damp hangs about & air is scarce [...] every idea being darkened by the thought of the sufferings of a dear wife'. He complains about the atmosphere, bed linen, food, drink, and cigars and wishes to be at home where he is able to work. However he enjoyed seeing friends at a wedding. He mentions a picture being reproduced.
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