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TitleLetter from MacCarthy to Pratt: 19 June 1818: Freetown
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionHe has been disappointed at the limitations CMS has put upon its help to S. L. MacCarthy had hoped that Garnon would superintend the Colony's schools in S. L. but he objected to the Lancastrian system in force, and MacCarthy thinks it unwise to antagonise the Dissenters by a sudden change to Bell's system. Cates' ill health prevented his taking charge and the Garnons are now helping. CMS have departed from their proposal to pay £150 p.a. to each chaplain, with the government paying the same. He is uncertain how the salaries will be met. The government may be able to obtain sovereignty over the Isles de Los, when a small force could be sent to protect missionaries.
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