Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C A1 E7/36
TitleLetter from Cates to Pratt and Bickersteth: 11 August 1818: Freetown
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionMacCarthy has remarked the lower level of maintenance of CMS scholars compared with those in government schools. Cates feels that the CMS limit of £5 p.a. for each child is much too low. MacCarthy wishes to establish a superior school for children of higher ability and is willing take suitable scholars from CMS institutions. The older boys, in training for trade at Leic. Mt., are unruly and ignorant, apparently uninfluenced by religion and have bad influence with the younger ones.
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Physical DescriptionE5-8: The numbers are all original numbers with minor amendments.


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