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TitleMinutes of missionaries' meetings (quarterly and special)
Extent603 docs.
DescriptionThese were meetings of all the clergy, which supervised the administration of the mission, dealing with such matters as: location and conduct of missionaries and catechists, receipt of quarterly reports from missionaries, co-operation with government of the colony in running schools and settlements, upkeep of Society's property and oversight of missions finances. Important questions of policy were referred to the committee at headquarters [Committee of Correspondence, often referred to as Parent Committee or PC]. Special meetings were called to deal with urgent matters arising in the intervals between the quarterly meetings; 'resolutions passed by correspondence between the members of the meetings' were also recorded.

Includes: /127 First quarterly report of CMS schools Mar 1830;
/149 Requisition for medicines 1831;
/243 Resolution relating to surgical instruments etc.1834;
/283 Request for lymph to be sent out for smallpox outbreak 1836;
/310-311 Case of James Patterson, Wesleyan missionary 1837 [see O6/12-14];
/316-318 Trouble with soldiers nailing up chapel door 1837;
/348 Relating to appointment of missionaries at Charlotte 1839;
/351b Relating to Temne translation by W. C. Thomson 1839;
/366 Schon and Crowther to set out on Niger expedition 1840;
/367 Clothing allowance for Christian Institution 1840;
/372 Death of King Elikerli of Temnes 1840;
/417 Samuel Crowther to go to England 1842;
/485c Purchase of bell for Waterloo church 1844
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