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TitleCorrespondence [mostly copies] between the local missionary committee (through its secretaries) and the colonial government (the governor, colonial secretary and Liberated African department) 1824-1855, 1860, 1862, 1864-1866, 1868-1869
Extent449 docs.
DescriptionMain subjects of correspondence are: care of liberated slaves; management of schools and mission buildings; proposed locations of missionaries, submitted for governor's approval; material development of colony.
/10 Return of clergymen and teachers in Sierra Leone 1825;
/12 Government instructions for settlement of liberated slaves 1826;
/22 Copy of article number 26 of 'Government Instructions to the Managers of Liberated African Villages' [relating to hours of field labour and school instruction] circa 1826;
/25 Letter from J. Raban to colonial secretary explaining organisation of mission 1826;
/27 Extracts from 'Regulations respecting the Liberated Africans' issued by the governor 1826;
/36 Colonial secretary's permit to J. Raban to take a liberated African boy from the colony as a servant 1827;
/37 Replies by [Robert] Beckley to questions relating to Kent and returns of quantity of provisions sold to government, with names of African timber circa 1826;
/40 List of persons proposed to the government as teachers 1827;
/59 List of liberated African domestics at Kissey 1827;
/64 'Regulations relative to Village Schools' 1827;
/73-74 Correspondence between mission secretary and governor on location of missionaries in parishes 1827;
/95 Copy of grant of Lot 19 Gibraltar Town 1828;
/107 Government 'Instructions for the better regulation and management of Liberated African Schools' 1828;
/109 Comments by mission secretary [on /107] 1828;
/112 Mission committee's 'Regulations for the guidance of schools in Liberated African Villages' 1828;
/229 Copy of treaty between colonial government and Temne chiefs 1831;
/305 Petition relating to Mohammedans 1839;
/313-314 Letters relating to sons of Gomez, chief of Gallinas 1841;
/316 Minutes of meeting of merchants and others interested in 'extension of intercourse between this colony and the Foulah country' 1841;
/320 List of men left in tender 'Amelia' and located at model farm at confluence of Niger and Ishadda 1841;
/393 Government notice of 1851 Exhibition inviting exhibits from the colonists [printed] 1850;
/417-421 Correspondence relating to training of liberated African schoolboys as naval apprentices 1852;
/426 Correspondence relating to medical treatment in hospital 1854 [see O3/342];
/449 Petition of native church to governor for continuance of government grant 1869
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