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TitleMiscellaneous letters to secretaries at headquarters
Extent60 docs.
DescriptionComprising letters from colonial officials and naval officers, appeals and complaints from natives, letters to Henry Venn relating to production of cotton
Includes: /1 Letter from H. Townsend (Abeokuta) to Commodore Strange, HM steam sloop 'Archer' 1850;
/2 Letter from Isaac Smith, H. Townsend, David Hinderer, C. A. Gollmer protesting against proposed appointment of African bishop 1851;
/3 B. A. Paley: Lagos 1853;
/4 Capt. Alan A. Gardner: HM Sloop 'Waterwitch', Sierra Leone Jan 1854; enclosing copy of letter from H. D. Trotter: referring to Gollmer's remarks relating to Gardner in 'Yoruba Mission';
/5 B. Campbell, consul at Lagos 1854;
/6 Thomas B. Horsfield: Liverpool 1856;
/7-8 Thomas J. Hutchinson: British consulate, Fernando Po 1856 relating to possibility of establishing church mission; enclosing, [/8], abstract of census of population of Clarence, Fernando Po taken 31 Mar 1856;
/9-10 'Remarks [by B. Campbell] on suggestions submitted by a West India deputation to Lord Palmerston see Times 12 June 1857' [relating to slavery and slave trade]; with letter [/10] including reference to slave trade and cotton 1857;
/11,16 Letters from Thomas J. Hutchinson, consul at Fernando Po 1858, 1859;
/12 Paper by B. Campbell: 'A supply of cotton may be drawn from those countries watered by the river Niger and its tributaries' 1857;
/13 W. Green: Ake, Abeokuta: 2 Feb 1858;
/14,17 Letters from Frederick Buxton Abbega 1858-1859 [native who accompanied Crowther in journeys to the interior, and was also with Dr. W. B. Baikie as interpreter on Niger Expedition 1860];
/15 Isaiah L. Dewring: Ota: relating to cotton trade 1858;
/18 John G. Hughes: Ake, Abeokuta: relating to cotton trade 1860;
/19 Thomas Lewn: Abeokuta: relating to Mr. Dewring, agent for Mr. Southam and cotton trade 1860;
/20 T. Kenworthy Brown: Madeira: relating to Thomas Wilcoxon 1860;
/21 William Culley: Lagos: relating to CMS land occupied by Mr. Macaulay 1861;
/22-24 Henry Shilling: Abeokuta: relating to Henry Townsend 1861;
/25 James A. Lamb, L. Nicholson, V. Faulkner: Lagos: relating to addition to Training Institution 1862;
/26 Commodore A. P. Eardley Wilmot: Lagos 1863;
/27,29 John Thomas Nottidge: Lagos 1863-1864;
/28 N. J. Wilson: Faji, Lagos 1863;
/30-32 Frederick Boxton Abbega: Lagos: letter and account with Dr. Baikie 1864;
/33-34 Charles Chapman: HMS 'Rattlesnake' 1864 forwarding [/34] 'Whydeh and Dahomey (from the journal of Mr. Dawson and from his letters to F. Fitzgerald Esq. Sec.y African Aid Society Nov 17 1862' [Dawson was a native trader and former Wesleyan Missionary at Ouidah; journal deals with government and customs of Dahomey];
/35 W. I. Goodwill [African]: Ikija, Abeokuta 1866;
/36 Joseph Elliott: Cape Palmas 1866;
/37 James Lahanmi [born at Ishaga]: Badagry 1867;
/38-40 John Thomas Nottidge: Lagos 1867;
/41 Chief Ogudipe: Ikija, Abeokuta 1868;
/42 William Akiru: Badagry 1868;
/43 Akibode: Badagry: account of conversion 1868
/44-46 John Thomas Nottidge: Lagos 1868-1869;
/47 Chr. Haeberle: Lagos: order for brass steps for brick machine [from Henry Clayton & Co., Atlas Work, Harrow Road, London W.] 1871;
/48, 53 C. Foresythe: Lagos: secretary, Association for Promoting Educational and Religious Interests in Lagos 1873, 1875;
/49, 52 Dr. J. W. Jeanes: Lagos [/49 applying for medical contract 1873] 1873-1874;
/50-51 Mrs. S. F. Davies [friend of Julia Tebbs, sister-in-law of Henry Wright]: Lagos: relating to petition for Mr. Nicholson to return to Breadfruit, Lagos 1873;
/54 J. T. Nottidge: Lagos 1875;
/55-60 D. W. Burton, industrial agent at Sierra Leone: relating to proposed buildings at Lagos 1879
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