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TitleCrowther, Samuel junior
Extent68 docs.
DescriptionNative lay agent: in charge of the dispensary and cotton store at Ake (Abeokuta) 1851-1861; Lagos (cotton warehouse) 1861-1862
/1-46 Letters 1851-1862 including:
/15 Letter from the Alake of Abeokuta to Parent Committee 1856;
/17 Letter to Thomas Clegg (Manchester cotton merchant) containing [/18] an account of the state of the cotton trade between Thomas Clegg and the chiefs and people of Abeokuta [details the number of saw gins purchased, quantity of cotton paid for the gins etc.] 1856;
/24 Explanation of items in accounts of his buildings at Abeokuta as required by Finance Committee 1858;
/29 Encloses sketches for tracts showing heathenism, Mahommedanism and Christianity 1858;
/30 Letter from W. Mallalieu & Co. (London merchants) to Crowther 1858;
/34 Appeal of the Abeokuta Road Improving Society [printed] 1859;
/43-45 Letters from native agents at Abeokuta Nov 1861 [/43 Joseph Boller; /44 J. Coker; /45 unsigned];

/47-53 Copies of correspondence between Crowther and C. A. Gollmer, 1856, and the mission secretary 1858, 1860;
/54 Account of expenses laid out by Crowther for the cotton store Ake Apr-Oct 1855;
/55-66 Quarterly journal extracts 1852-1856, 1858;
/62 Includes pencil sketch of cotton press and watercolour of press in use 1855;
/67-68 Letters to Secretaries at headquarters from Josiah Crowther, Lagos cotton warehouse Aug-Nov 1857
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