Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C A2 O80/1-52
TitleRobbin, Henry
Extent52 docs.
DescriptionNative lay agent chiefly concerned with cotton production: CM Industrial Establishment (Lagos) 1856; Ake [not in connection with CMS] 1857-1860, 1863-1874
/1-48 Letters 1856-1863, 1865-1866, 1871-1873 including:
/6 Includes reference to trees and plants brought from Kew by Henry Johnson 1863;
/7-8 Letters from G. H. Decker [Wesleyan mission] 1856;
/14 Copy of letter from 'I.H.W.' 1857;
/18 Letter to T. Clegg [Manchester cotton merchant] 1858;
/30B-F Copies of correspondence between the Bashorun and elders of Abeokuta (through H.R.) and Capt. Glover, governor of Lagos Jun-Jul 1863;
/32 Letter to Messrs. Charles Leigh Clare & Co., Manchester 1863;
/33 Account of sales of cotton etc. received at different times from Messrs. Clegg Clare & Co. Jul 1862 - May 1863;
/36-44 Letters to Capt. Glover and Secretary of State for the Colonies, depositions and papers relating to H.R.'s alleged dealing in slaves Dec 1865 - Jan 1866;

/49 Copy of letter from C. W. Faulkner, Lagos 1863;

/50-52 Correspondence with mission secretary 1859-1860:
/51 Inventory of effects at Abeokuta Industrial Institution 1860;
/52 Inventory of stock at Lagos [....] 1860
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