Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C A2 O7/1-55
TitlePapers and correspondence between the colonial government and native authorities
Extent55 docs.
DescriptionLetters [chiefly copies] and papers concerning the political state of the country, suppression of slave trade etc. including:
/1 Petition from ex-King Akitoye of Lagos to J. Beecroft, consul at Badagry, asking for aid to regain his throne 1851;
/8-9 Correspondence between B. Campbell, consul at Lagos and Mewu, chief of Badagry 1853-54;
/17-29 Correspondence between B. Campbell and the alake and chiefs of Abeokuta, through E. G. Irving 1854-56;
/33-38 Correspondence between H. Stanhope Freeman, governor of Lagos and the chiefs of Abeokuta (through D. Williams and H. Townsend) 1861-63;
/39 Government ordinance authorising the levy of an export duty of 2½% on all goods exported from Lagos to the Egba territory 13 Sep 1865 [printed] 1865;
/42 Minutes of special meeting held on 30 Oct 1865 by the Egbas United Board of Management, for which Rev. H. Townsend was ordered to "go home to England, and make good his God's work" [i.e. prsent the Egbas' case against Governor Glover] 1865;
/45 Proclamation rescinding the Ordinance [of 13 Sep 1865] 9 Mar 1866 [printed] 1866;
/46 Egbas United Board's notice opening up trade in view of the above proclamation 23 Mar 1866 [printed] 1866;
/47-50 Government notices setting out the correspondence between J. H. Glover, administrator of Lagos and G. W. Johnson, secretary of the Egbas United Board [printed] Jul-Oct 1867;
/52 'Africa Shall Arise' - a proclamation of the Egbas United Board, expelling Europeans from Abeokuta as from 1 Oct 1868
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