Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/G3 A2 P4
TitlePrecis book: 17 April 1895 - 26 February 1907: 44/1895 - 28/1907
Extent1 vol.
DescriptionIncludes inserted papers: p.53 Regulations for foundation scholars at the seminary for girls at Lagos [printed] 1897;
p.56 Suggested points for proposed Trust Deed for Lagos Grammar School [mimeoed] 1898;
p.74 Resolutions relating to Abeokuta district, also Rev. T. Harding's furlough 1898;
p.96 Proposed regulations for church committees, and a Native Church Council for Ibadan and District [printed] 1899;
p.97 Rules for management of Lagos Bookshop 1899;
p.101 Resolution relating to place of residence for Bishop James Johnson 1900;
p.106 Draft report of sub-committee on Yoruba Prayer-book 1900;
p.108 Resolution relating to death of Rev. A. C. Mann 1900;
p.141 Memorandum [typescript] from Secretaries relating to funds of educational institutions in CMS missions 1902;
p.172 Regulations [typescript] for native church committees and provisional church councils 1903;
p.193 Draft constitution of synod and regulations for diocese of Western Equatorial Africa [printed] 1903; also report of sub-committee on diocesan constitution;
p.212 Draft constitution [as on p.193] [printed] 1903;
p.272 Draft constitution as approved Jun 1906 [printed];
p.281 CMS Girls' Seminary Lagos: prospectus [printed] 1906
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