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TitleCrowther, Archdeacon Dandeson Coates
Extent49 docs.
DescriptionNative pastor: Lagos and the Niger 1862, 1866-1870; Niger Delta mission 1871-1880
/1-35 Letters 1866, 1868, 1871-1876, 1878-1880 including:
/3 List of books for ladies' library 1866;
/7 Bishop Crowther's instructions to D. C. Crowther, proceeding to Bonny 1871
/10 Letter from Thomas Johnson 1871;
/11 Sketch of new church at Bonny 1871;
/12B-C Letters from Isaac Thomas George and Thomas B. Horsfall 1871;
/12D Copy of agreement with chiefs of Brass;
/12G Letter to Capt. D. Hopkins, consul at Bonny 1871;
/14 Letter from Bishop Crowther 1871;
/16 Building accounts for English church Bonny river 1873;
/17 Correspondence on proposed committee of St. Clement's church Bonny 1875;
/18 Correspondence between Bishop Crowther and D. C. Crowther relating to the holding of the American Presbyterian missionary conference at Gaboon 1875;
/20 'Report of the trip to and from the conference at Gaboon, to take place Jan-Feb 1876'; report of conference and abstracts of papers read there 1876;
/21 Report of the 'Conference of West African Protestant Missionaries' Gaboon, Feb 1876 [printed] 1876;
/30 Papers by D. C. Crowther read at conferences of mission agents at Brass and Lokoja 1879;
/32 Letters from Solomon Perry 1879;

/36-49 Journals and reports 1862, 1869-1879 including:
/36 Journal of a visit to the banks of the Niger Jul-Dec 1862;
/37 Examination of school children at Bonny 1869;
/38 Drawing of ceremony of separation of widows from a dead husband, Bonny 1869;
/39 Elevation of Otta mission house 1869;
/40-41 Journal of visit to the Niger Aug-Oct 1871 [with galley-proofs] 1871;
/42 A missionary trip to Benin river Oct-Nov 1875;
/43-45 Annual reports of Bonny 1876-1878;
/46-47 Annual reports of the lower Niger stations 1878-1879;
/47 Includes sketch of church at Akedo 1879;
/48-49 Report and journal of a visit to the mission stations in the lower and upper Niger Jun-Oct 1879
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