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TitleCrowther, Bishop Samuel Adjai
Extent762 docs.
DescriptionNiger Expedition 1857-1858; Lagos, with annual visits to the Niger 1857-1880
/1-728 Letters 1857-1880 [many relating to troubles in Niger mission 1876-1880] including:

a) Mission estimates, requisitions [for books, building materials, medicines etc.] and accounts, letters on finance and relating to West Africa Native Bishopric Fund including;
/187 Note of books and school materials for sale at Grand Bonny 1865;
/455 Things bought at Egga, river Niger, for the English International Exhibition 1874;
/528 Relating to mission property 1876;

b) Letters [originals, copies and extracts] from native pastors and catechists:
J. Boyle 1879-1880; J. Buck 1878; W. E. Carew 1878-1879; O. E. Cole 1868; Thomas Crook 1860; D. C. Crowther 1874-1880; J. R. Dewring 1868; J. D. Garrick 1878-1880; J. G. George 1878; I. T. George 1868-1869; John Grant 1860; James John 1860; Thomas A. John 1868; Thomas C. John 1866-1879; W. J. John 1878; T. C. Johnson 1876-1878; T. Joseph 1876; Francis Langley 1860-1868; T. D. Moses 1880; Jacob Newland 1860; C. Paul 1866-1879; S. Perry 1879-1880; S. Priddy 1868; W. G. Romaine 1868-1874; F. W. Smart 1869; John Smart 1860; J. Spencer 1878-1879; J. C. Taylor 1868; James Thomas 1860; O. Thomas 1876-1879; James L. Thompson 1860; W. A. Wager 1860; P. J. Williams 1879;

c) Correspondence with native authorities including;
/75 Letter from Chief Sokenu of Abeokuta 1861;
/148 Copy of treaty between three principal chiefs of Akassa, river Nun, and HM Government for the suppression of the slave trade 1863;
/216,238,326,702-703 Letters from King George Pepple of Bonny 1866-1867, 1870, 1880;
/244 Copy of agreement with King Ockiya of Brass and other chiefs relating to the Brass mission 1867;
/319 Letter from King Masaba of Nupe 1869;
/336 King Masaba's proclamation to the mission and English settlers at Lokoja 1870[F]; correspondence between King Masaba and Capt. J. H. Glover 1870 [B-C];
/351 Promise by King Pepple and other chiefs, of contributions for a chapel and boarding school at Bonny 1871 ;
/364 Letter [copy] from King Masaba to the Colonial Secretary [in Arabic with translation] 1871;
/369-370 Letters from Crowther, W. A. Renner (West Africa Company ) and others, to the Colonial Secretary relating to assistance given to them by Masaba when their ship was stranded near Lokoja 1872;
/372-373 Paper by Crowther 'The acts of liberality of King Masaba of Nupe to British subjects' [printed] 1872;
/509 Correspondence between the Emir of Nupe (through Crowther) and G. Hartley, consul at Fernando Po 1876;
/584 Copy of treaty between the King of Onitsha and HM consul and British subjects resident at Onitsha 1878;
/613 Details of a 'peace agreement at Onitsha' 1878;
/621 'Address delivered to HM George Pepple ..... by pupils of CMS boarding school, Bonny, with the King's reply' [printed] 1879;
/678 A 'proposed stipulation with the authorities of Onitsha' relating to the mission 1880;

d) Correspondence with the colonial government including;
/82 Letter to H. G. Foote, consul at Lagos 1861;
/135 Letter to H. S. Freeman, governor of Lagos 1863;
/246 Correspondence with T. Lyons McLeod, consul at Lokoja, and others relating to Crowther's captivity at Oko Okein 1867;
/279B Letter from T. L. McLeod to bishop of Oxford asking for appointment of white bishop of Lokoja and Crowther to McLeod relating to this 1868;
/406 Letter to H. Fowler, administrator of Lagos 1873;
/441 Correspondence with Sir George Berkeley, governor of Sierra Leone 1874;
/453 Letter to Capt. Strachan administrator-in-chief, Gold Coast 1874;

e) Correspondence with naval officers including;
/64 Correspondence with Capt. J. B. Walker relating to J. H. Ashcroft helping to repair steamer 'Rainbow' 1860;
/155 Correspondence with Commodore E. Wilmot and Lieut. Charles W. Knowles relating to C.W.K.'s Niger expedition 1864;
/258, 263 Correspondence with Commodore W. M. Dowell relating to the Congo, and Crowther's 'instructions to Mr. W. Duff and party on a mission of enquiry to the Congo' 1868;
/336 D-E Crowther's 'information and suggestions to Lieut. W. H. M. Molyneux C. O. Niger Expedition' 1870 and 'petition [to Molyneux] of the Sierra Leone emigrants and other British subjects residing ..... at Lokoja' 1870;
/680A-B Correspondence between missionaries and mercantile agents and Capt. J. L. Burr relating to his punitive expedition to Onitsha 1880;

f) Correspondence with trading companies and merchants including;
/72-73, 84 Letters to members of the African Aid Society: F. Fitzgerald 1860-1861; Lord A. Churchill [72B] 1860;
/111, 219 Letters to Thomas Clegg 1862, 1867;
/497 Correspondence with J. Edgar managing director, West Africa Company 1875;
/641 A 'Private and confidential statement to shareholders of the West Africa Company Ltd.' relating to previous year's operations and proposals for the future [printed] 1879;
/657 Crowther's letters to the trading companies [West Africa Company, Central African Trading Company, Alex Miller Bros. & Co. Ltd.] relating to King Omoru of Nupe's attitude to trade; copies of letters from local representatives of the companies at Yimala, Black river, to their general agents 1879;

g) Miscellaneous correspondence including;
/151,173,308,551 Correspondence with bishop of Sierra Leone 1864-1865, 1869, 1876;
/105 Letter from Dr. Baikie 1862;
/156 Letter to bishop of London relating to mission to Bonny including reference to interview with King Pepple 1864;
/326 Petition from the Committee for Introducing the Protestant Church into Fernando Po 1870;
/461 Letter to J. F. Schon 1874;
/586 Correspondence with the general agent and Monrovia Standing Committee of the Protestant Episcopal church, with a list of their churches in Liberia under Crowther's supervision 1878;
/622 Correspondence with Rev. G. W. Thompson and Rev. J. F. Fuller [Baptist mission Victoria, Cameroons] 1879;
/684 Letter from Rev. Lord W. Russell 1880;

h) Mission papers including;
/100 Purchase of land at the Nun for mission station 1862;
/118 List of baptised candidates showing families and tribes 1862;
/204 Letter relating to opening of school chapel Bonny 1866;
/234,390 Instruction to mission agents at Bonny 1867, 1872;
/247 Dimensions of proposed new church and mission house at Onitsha 1867;
/248-249 Watercolour sketch and ground plan of Onitsha church and mission house 1867;
/268, 283 Address [2 copies] at laying of foundation stone of Christchurch Onitsha 30 Nov 1867;
/271 Instruction to mission agents at Brass 1868;
/276 'Receipt of school fees paid by the fathers and guardians of children at Bonny' [printed] 1867;
/311 Building expenses of Otta and Igbessa stations, paid out of West Africa Native Bishopric Fund 1869;
/322A Charge delivered to the missionaries at Lokoja 1869;
/328 Receipts of Brass mission boys' school fees [printed] 1869;
/429 Copy of letter from Dandeson Crowther reporting on visit to New Calabar River 1874;
/460 Charge delivered to the missionaries at Onitsha [with reports and statistics] 1874;
/528 Declaration relating to property and buildings belonging to Niger mission [with property return] 1876;
/560 Rules requiring the attendance of educated wives of mission agents to school duties 1876;
/634 Rules and regulations of the Mutual Aid Society of the native agents of CMS Yoruba mission [printed] 1879;
/700 Photograph of St. Stephen's Bonny 1880;
/704 Regulations for day and boarding-schools 1880;

i) Miscellaneous papers by Crowther:
/93 'Notices of the Delta' 1861;
/157 'Proposed extension of stations in the Niger mission' 1864;
/329 'Suggestions to the P[arent] C[ommittee] on the training of native teachers etc.' 1870;
/406 'Report of the political state of the countries on the Niger' 1873;
/414 'Minute on the constitution of the Anglican native bishopric on the West Africa coast' 1873;
/479 'Brief statement exhibiting the character, habits and ideas of the natives of the Bight of Biafra, after ten years' observation and the introduction of Christianity among them' 1875;
/513 Sketch of idols (Kengas) of Brass River 1875;
/519 Some notes relating to the Kengas 1875;
/554 'A brief statement of the advantages acrruing to Protestant Christian missions through the benign operations and moral influence of the British government on the West Coast of Africa' 1876;
/589 'Notes on Liberia College and the progress of coffee plantations etc.' 1878;
/611 Statement on the operations of the steamer 'Henry Venn' 1878;
/695 'Memorial of the Liberian Episcopal church to the House of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal church USA' 1880;
/729-756 Journals 1857-1879:
/729 Journal of the Niger expedition [incomplete]: Jul-Aug, Oct 1868;
/730-737 Journals 1861-1862; 1866, 1868;
/738-747 Reports of annual visits to Niger mission 1864-1865, 1870-1871, 1873-1878;
/747A-C Review of the Niger mission after twenty years 1878;
/748-751 Reports of Bonny mission 1865-1866, 1868;
/752-753 Reports of Onitsha station 1867;
/754 Report of Idda station 1867;
/755 Report of an overland route journey from Lokoja to Bida, thence to Lagos Nov 1871 - Feb 1872;
/756 A 'visit to Bida' Sep 1873;
/757-761 Annual letters for 1860, 1867, 1869-1870, 1872;
/762 Scrap of ?Abrabic script nd
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