Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/G3 A5 L4
TitleLetter-book: 17 June 1886 - 8 May 1888
Extent1 vol.
DescriptionContains inserted papers and letters not in index:
p.74 Letter to Rev. P. O'Flaherty 1884;
p.85A Resolution relating to enlarged powers of bishop in mission affairs because of isolated stations, difficult postal communications and need for full resident authority 1886;
pp.101-102 General instructions for missionaries 1886;
p.107 Letters from archbishops of Canterbury and York relating to Uganda martyrs 1886;
p.108 Report relating to Mr. Tomkins, student at Islington College 1886;
p.110, 155 Letters from Douglas Hooper 1886;
p.133-134 Memorandum relating to postal arrangements for Zanzibar and interior stations 1886;
pp.155-156 Resolution relating to expedition under Stanley to relieve Emin Pasha 1887; letter to African Christians in Uganda [in English and Luganda] 1887;
p.182 Letter from J. F. Osborne to R. Lang 1887;
p.184 Letter from Rev. G. L. Harding (St. John's Paddington) to C. C. Fenn 1887;
p.185 Letter from W. Carlile (Church Army) 1887;
pp.187-188 Resolution permitting Mackay to leave Uganda temporarily 1887;
p.194 Letter to Christian converts in Uganda from Jesudasen John, Palamcottah 1887;
p.229 Letter from R. H. Walker 1887;
p.232 Letter from Gray, Dawes & Co., relating to carriage of camels from Aden to Mombasa or Zanzibar 1887;
p.280 Letter from 'Onward' giving money for boat for Uganda mission 1887;
p.347, 449 Letters from American Presbyterian mission Beirut (Henry H. Jessup) relating to offer of students Saieed Jeraidini and Abdul Messiah Musowevir, to work in Africa (as catechists) 1887, 1888;
pp.379-382 Letter from Henry Fowler of Hornsey relating to African, Rashid Abdallah [born 1836], a shoeblack in Euston Road [London] [extremely detailed account of life] 1887;
p.416 Letter from Mrs. Agnes B. Handford, Dakota USA 1887;
p.448 Translation of letter from girls of the orphanage, Amritsar, to Christians of Uganda 1888;
p.476 Letter from Rev. J. E. Matthews, Swanwick vicarage [England] relating to J. Burness 1888;
p.479 Letter from Bishop J. R. Selwyn, Norfolk Island, relating to donation to Bishop Hannington Memorial Church 1888;
p.480 Extract of letter from Miss Allen, Zanzibar, to E. Stock relating to Uganda martyrs 1888
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