Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/G3 A5 L8
TitleLetter-book: 19 June 1896 - 8 January 1901
Extent1 vol.
DescriptionContains inserted papers and letters not in index:
p.23-24 Instructions to missionaries proceeding to Eastern Equatorial Africa mission 1896;
pp.86-89 Questions and memoranda relating to Taveta colony by G. Hutchinson Secretary at headquarters 1896;
p.123 Letter to Archdeacon Hamilton from W. Wright, British and Foreign Bible Society, London 1897;
p.125 Letter from Ernest J. L. Berkeley to Marquess of Salisbury 1896;
p.155A Letter to Daudi Kasagama, King of Toro 1897;
p.165-166 Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1897;
p.181-182 Regulations relating to marriage of CMS missionaries connected with the Uganda mission [printed] 1897;
p.201-202 Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1897;
p.302 Extract from schedule of grading and pay of Indian agents in Bengal and Travancore CMS missions 1898;
p.307-308 Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1898;
p.409-410 Memorandum on bishopric of Mombasa and extracts of resolutions of Committee of Correspondence 1899;
p.411-412 Instructions to missionaries [to Miss T. E. Austin] 1899;
p.423A Letter of appointment for Mr. B. Laight 1899;
p.425-426 Instructions [to Rev. V. V. Verbi] 1900;
p.479 Extract from rules and allowances and privileges of CMS missionaries in North India mission 1900;
p.513-514 East African Church: Diocese of Mombasa: regulations for pastorate committees and church council of the Coast district of the CMS mission [printed] 1900
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