Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/G3 A5 O
TitleOriginal papers [incoming]
Extent24 boxes
DescriptionThe original papers comprise all incoming papers sent by the mission secretary (or occasionally directly from the missionaries) to the Group Committee. They consist mainly of letters and reports, but include minutes and papers of local CMS and diocesan committees.
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionThey are numbered [in red ink] for each year [from 1 January] and from 1892 are marked 'E.E.Africa', 'B.E.A.' or 'K' [in accordance with the mission's changing name]. The date of receipt is also noted and often the initials of Secretaries and other headquarters' staff dealing with the material. Some items, notably finance correspondence, were removed as soon as they had been entered on the precis [see precis books /P], others were removed in the normal course of administrative work unsually in these cases a note of the number of the item, plus the initials of the staff member and the department, remains in the packet.

G3 A5/1909/85: item number 85 ('Kenia and Wakikuyu native reserve') in the incoming correspondence for the year 1909 is held in the CMS map sequence: to request use archive finding number CMS/MAPS K3.

List of items in the O series wich include postal stamp or frank:
G3 A5/O 1882/64; G3 A5/O 1889/148; G3 A5/O 1889/226; G3 A5/O 1890/113; G3 A5/O 1890/170; G3 A5/O 1893/189; G3 A5/O 1894/5; G3 A5/O 1894/34; G3 A5/O 1894/91; G3 A5/O 1894/149; G3 A5/O 1894/169; G3 A5/O 1895/68; G3 A5/O 1895/70; G3 A5/O 1896/84; G3 A5/O 1896/398; G3 A5/O 1897/178; G3 A5/O 1897/247; G3 A5/O 1897/292; G3 A5/O 1898/114; G3 A5/O 1898/133; G3 A5/O 1899/74; G3 A5/O 1900/107; G3 A5/O 1901/101; G3 A5/O 1902/84; G3 A5/O 1902/108; G3 A5/O 1904/74; G3 A5/O 1904/106; G3 A5/O 1905/132; G3 A5/O 1906/113; G3 A5/O 1907/31; G3 A5/O 1907/78; G3 A5/O 1909/43; G3 A5/O 1910/163; G3 A5/O 1916/13; G3 A5/O 1916/94; G3 A5/O 1916/95; G3 A5/O 1919/35; G3 A5/O 1919/70; G3 A5/O 1925/11; G3 A5/O 1926/41; G3 A5/O 1930/10; G3 A5/O 1931/149; G3 A5/O 1933/165; G3 A5/O 1934/17; G3 A5/O 1934/135
CopiesSelected papers are available online through 'Empire Online' (Marlborough: Adam Matthew, c 2003) at

Pamphlet and dispatch on native labour, 1920 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1920/59)
Education Policy Pamphlet of C M S Kenya Colony: A memorandum to members of C.M.S. Conference, 1921 (CMS/G3 A5 O/1922/3)
Kikuyu Conference, 1922 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1922/11)
Mombassa Medical Officer's report, 1922 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1922/112)
Fred H Wright memo: Memorandum on the need for work amongst the Luo (Nilotic Kavirondo) women and girls, 1923 (CMS/G3 A5 O/1923/56)
CMS Kavirondo Annual Report & Masuo Central School report, 1924 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1925/48)
Kavirondo Missionary Committee, 1925 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1925/54)
Report of the Committee on Grants in Aid for Education in Kenya, 1925 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1925/58a)
Bishop of Mombasa correspondence, 1926 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1926/44)
First annual report of the Alliance High School, 1927 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1927/46)
Basis of agreement for the formation of the province of the Church of East Africa: As recommended by the conference representing the dioceses of Nyasaland, Uganda, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Upper Nile and Masasi held at Nairobi July 8-11 the right rev. The Bishop of Nyasaland presiding, 1920-1927 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1927/58)
Report of CMS Educational work in Kenya, 1927 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1927/61)
The United Divinity School of the Alliance of Missionary Societies, 1928 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1928/23)
Mombasa Diocesan Synod, Report of Proceedings, 1928 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1928/26)
Maseno School, 1928 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1928/51)
Letter written by Mombassa about building plans, August 1929 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1929/124)
Bishop's letter re. Kikuyu crisis, 1930 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1930/12)
Guidelines for staff. Moseno Central school, 1930 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1930/14)
Plans of New Buxton School Manyimbo, 1930 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1930/29)
Conference on Christian Education in East Africa, 1930 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1930/46)
Educational report of 1929 and the attitude of the Mission, 1931 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1931/36)
Letter from Archdeacon Kavirondo W. E. Owen, 31 January 1932 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1932/27)
W. S. Owen report on Mombasa, 1932 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1932/60)
Correspondence from Kenya concerning certain political issues, 12 May 1932 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1932/62)
Native Taxation, 1932 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1932/67)
Native Tribunal, 1932 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1932/89)
Chief Native Commissioner to Natives, re digging for gold, 1932 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1933/1)
Kavirondo District Missionary Committee, 1933 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1933/46)
Race Relations Committee, 1934 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1934/29)
Race Relations Committee -1, 30 January 1934 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1934/31)
Report and recommendations in regard to Educational Policy, 1934 (CMS/B/OMS G3 A5 O/1934/33)