Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C C1 O 19/1-306
TitleRev Abraham Cowley
Extent306 items
DescriptionRed River Settlement 1842-44; Partridge Crop [Fairford 1851] 1844-54; Red River Settlement 1854-73; St. Andrews, Red River 1874; Dynevor 1874-80: mission secretary 1867-76
/1-260 Letters 1841-1880 including:
/3 Signed by Cowley and John Roberts 1841;
/4B List of books needed [1841];
/13 Includes list of articles needed 1845;
/15 List of articles needed 1845;
/18B List of articles needed, mainly clothes including measurements for a dress 1846;
/19B List of articles needed mainly dinner service and crockery 1847;
/22B List of articles needed 1847;
/24 Detailed description of 'mitta' ceremony 1848;
/30B-C, 34B Lists of supplies needed 1849, 1850;
/34C Detailed list of expenses at Partridge Crop for school 1850;
/40 Map of Rupert's Land showing CMS mission stations 1851;
/41B List of supplies needed 1851;
/41C Account current for Fairfield school and mission 1851;
/50 Reference to flood 1852;
/50B List of supplies needed 1852;
/52 Includes account for school and mission 1853;
/53 List of supplies needed 1854;
/57 Current account for Farifield 1853;
/62 Includes estimates for Rupert's Land mission for 1855-56;
/68 Includes reference to Mrs. Oldershaw (returning to Canada with them) 1856;
/76 Includes list of supplies needed 1858;
/94B List of supplies needed 1862;
/101 Includes statistics of Indian settlement for 1864;
/105 Reference to death of Archdeacon Cockran 1865;
/120 Letter referring to formation of Finance Committee for CMS to take place of former Corresponding Committee [see O 4] 1867;
/125 Reference to order for supplies for Devon mission 1868;
/131 Includes reference to journey to Lakes Manitoba and Winnipeg 1869;
/133 Includes comparative estimates for 1868/69 and 1870;
/141-142 Includes reference to death of [Rev. David] Hale 1869;
/150 Reference to Indian reserve: St. Peters, Red River 1871;
/151 Copy of letter from Legislative Council and Assembly of the province of Manitoba to Governor of Manitoba relating to St. Peter's Reserve 1871;
/152 Reference to ordination of Luke Caldwell 1871;
/156B Letter from George Bruce Fairford;

/161 Includes minutes of Finance Committee 21 Mar 1872;
/162 Copy of letter from J. McLean, Archdeacon of Assiniboia and commissary to bishop reference to High Bluff parish and Mr. Phair [see /101] 1871;
/164-66 Reference to Mr. [J. P.] Gardiner 1872 including [/166] letter from J. McLean 1872;
/167 Reference to Henry Cochrane 1872;
/175-76 Reference to Lansdowne mission [with copy][1873];
/191 Reference to Mr. Moore, Englishman, schoolmaster at St. Andrew's previously taught in West Indies 1873;
/192 Encloses [/193] letter from J. Settee senior, Norway House 1873;
/194 Encloses letters to bishop from [/195A] Bishop Samuel A. McCosky relating to Rev. E. Raynor; [/195B] E. Raynor 1873;
/197A Letter from E. Raynor with [/197B] medical certificate 1873;
/198 Includes copy of minutes of Finance Committee 14 Jan 1874;
/199 Letter to Cowley from Patrick Bruce, Staggville, Manitoba Lake 1874;
/203 Includes reference to [Charles] Pratt 1874;
/211B Report to minister of the interior, Ottowa, with census returns for Indians on Winnipeg River at Fort Alexander and Lansdowne [1875];
/216 Reference to death of Henry Budd 1875;
/218B Part of letter from John Hines, Star Settlement 1875;
/222 Part of letter from Mrs. Cockran to Mrs. Cowley reference to death of Mr. Budd 1875;
/226A Letter from John Hines relating to Bishop of Saskatchewan having taken away Hines' interpreter, George McKay 1875;
/226B Letter from Thomas C. Wilson reference to High Bluff [1875];
/228B Manitoba Crops: full and detailed report covering whole province (leaflet from Manitoba Free Press 16 Sep 1876) [printed] 1876;
/227 Reference to death of Mr. Moore 1876 [see /191];
/231B Letter from William Pruden reference to Black River Indians 1877;
/232 [covering letter missing] Copy of letter to governor of Manitoba reference to alleged misuse of relief given to Indians in Lansdowne reserve with lists of Indians (giving names of heads of families) and statistics of relief, Christian Protestants, Protestant half-breeds, Indian catachumens, French and French half-breeds, Roman Catholics 1877;
/234 Reference to visit to Touchwood Hills 1877;
/235B Petition from Indians at St. Peters reserve relating to proposed transfer of Rev. James Settee to Lac la Ronge 1877;
/239B-F School reports: St. John's College School : R. McLennan, Donald McDonald, Joseph Prince, W. E. Beddome, C. Hodgson: Christmas term 1877;
/245 Petition from Indians at St. Peters reserve, Lisgar, Manitoba reference to return of Rev. H. Cochrane (160 names) 1878;
/247 Reference to possible annual missionaries' conference 1879;
/249B Letter from C. Adams reference to Pas Post and also relating to Miss Budd 1879;
/250 Includes reference to Mrs. Henry Cochrane 1879;
/251 Reference to death of Mr. [Charles] Hodgson 1879;
/252-55 Referring to Mr. and Mrs. Cochrane and trouble at the Pas (Devon) 1879;
/259 Letter from James Settee, Prince Albert 1880;
/260A-B Referring to Rev. Henry Cochrane and trouble with dissenters including extract of letter from Cochrane to Cowley 1880;
/261-291 Journals 1841-66, 1871-72, 1875: Sep 1841 - Aug 1858, Aug 1859- Nov 1866, Jan 1871 - Dec 1872, Jul 1875 - Oct, Dec; /291 4 - 21 Dec 1875: visit to Lansdowne;
/292-306 Annual letters for 1857, 1859-61, 1864-65, 1867-71, 1874, 1876-77, 1879; /306 Reference to Scanterbury 1879
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