Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C C1 O 34/1-85
TitleRev Robert Hunt
Extent85 items
DescriptionRed River Settlement 1850; Lac la Ronge 1850-52; Church Missionary Point, English River [Stanley] 1853-61
/1-50 Letters 1849-61 including:
/2 Includes reference to Stromness 1849;
/9B Copy of letter of thanks to Mr. Ballenden, chief factor, Fort Garry and Mr. Black, chief trader, Fort Garry 1850;
/9C Extracts of address from members of St. Andrews Church, Red River on Hunt's leaving Red River 1850; also from young men of Middle District 1850; /10B Statement of account with Hudson's Bay Company 1850;
/10C Indent for supplies 1850;
/13 Includes order for printing and lithographic materials 1850;
/16 Order for goods including church bell and three panels for Creed, Lords Prayer and The Commandments 1851;
/17A Includes ground plan of mission buildings 1851;
/17B Indent for articles needed 1851;
/18 Includes account of journey up Saskatchewan and Fishing Rivers to Fishing Lake with sketch map 1852;
/20 Includes comments on inaccuracies of article in March 1852 'Juvenile Instructor' [CMS] 1853;
/21B Indent for supplies for 1853;
/22 Includes reference to printing Chipewyan language in syllabics 1853;
/23A [first page missing: see C C 1/M5, p. 625ff.] Includes reference to building church with details 1854;
/23B Letter from Francois Xavier Ducharme (returned to Roman Catholacism) [in French] [1854];
/24B, 25B-D Indents for supplies 1854, 1855;
/30B Letter to bishop of Rupert's Land reference to offer of transfer to Christ Church Cumberland, also reference to syllabic system 1855;
/30C-D Introductory observations to a modification of a syllabical scheme for the phonetical symbolisation of spoken sounds 1855;
/30E Tables of vowel sound and symbols: phonetic scheme for the syllabic symbolisation of the American Indian languages [1855];
/34B Copies of correspondence with Governor George Simpson 1856;
/34C Copy of letter from Governor George Simpson [as in part of 34B] 1856;
/34D-E Copies of correspondence with bishop of Rupert's Land 1856;
/36B Indent for supplies 1857;
/39B Letter from Robert Mills to Hunt 1857;
/41B Indent for supplies 1858;
/44 Detailed account of young Chipewyan who alleged he was Christ 1859;
/45B Heads of an examination of the moral foundation and authority of the church of Rome....[1860]; /47B-C Indents for supplies 1861;
/49B Copy of letter to Bishop Grandier [Roman Catholic] 1861;
/51-71 Journals and journal extracts 1850-61: 1850 Jul - Oct 1856, 1857 Jan - Oct 1861:
/52 Includes plan of mission buildings 1851;
/53 Includes letter from C. Thomas, Deers Lake, reference to desire of Chipewyans for CMS to establish a mission at Deers Lake 1852;
/54 Includes journey up Saskatchewan and Fishing Rivers 1852;

/59: Includes extremely detailed description of shooting rapids 17 Jul 1855;
/60: Includes detailed comments on syllabic system with annotated comments by James Hunter reference to Roman characters system December 1855;
/66: Includes sketch map of falls in which two Indians, George Cook and George Tate were drowned 8 Nov 1858;
/72-73 Reports Jun - Dec 1853, Dec 1854;
/74-79 Annual letters for 1856-60;
/76-77 Duplicates 1858;
/79 Includes detailed account of syllabic scheme (44pp.) 1860;
/80 Statistical returns 1856-57;
/81-82 Correspondence with S. McKenzie working for Hudson's Bay Company, reference to furs etc. 1861;
/83 Letter from Indians at Lac la Ronge reference to suitable land for mission (15 names) 1852;
/84 Symbolication of the unwritten languages of America and Africa [1859];
/85 Journal: Journey to Egg Lake and Trout Lake [undated: first part missing: endorsed 'Mr. R. Hunt': ? by one of Hunt's agents]
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