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TitleHunter Rev. James
Extent142 docs.
DescriptionCumberland 1845-54; St. Andrews, Red River 1855-65
/1-98 Letters 1844-65:
/2B List of names of people baptised and married at Oxford House 1844, the Pas 1844-45, Cumberland House 1845 and Norway House 1845;
/5B Indents for supplies 1846;
/8B Indents for supplies including for James Settee and Henry Budd 1847;
/8C Indent for medicines 1847;
/11-12 Indents for supplies 1848;
/14B List of supplies needed 1849;
/17B List of supplies needed including for Henry Budd and James Settee 1850;
/19 Refernce to son James Henry (aged 6) going to England 1851;
/21A Reference to translations into Cree and grammar and orthography 1851;
/21B Lists of Cree vowel sounds, tenses and consonants 1851;
/21C List of Cree syllables 1851;
/21D Indent for supplies for Cumberland 1851;
/21E Indent for supplies for Mr. Budd including detailed measurements for suit of clothes 1851;
/22B Indent for supplies needed to start station at Nepowewin 1851;
/23 Includes reference to flood at Red River 1852;
/24B Copies of correspondence and documents relating to consecration of Christ Church Cumberland by bishop of Rupert's Land 1850;
/24C-D Indent for supplies for Cumberland, also for Rev. Henry Budd 1852;
/25B Translation into Cree by Mrs. Jean Hunter of the First Epistle general of John 1852 [numbered by headquarters clerk pp. 19-24: on front 'London Church Missionary House Salisbury Square 1857'];
/25C Key to orthography [Cree]: numbered by headquarters clerk pp. 1-8 [1852];
/25D Order for goods, including bell for schoolroom 1852;
/27B Translation into Cree by James Hunter: prayer book and ten hymns [numbered by headquarters clerk pp. 9-18] [1852];
/30A-C Indents for supplies for Nepowewin, Mr. Budd and Cumberland 1853;
/31 relating to Cree language 1854;
/32-35 Indents for supplies for Nepowewin and Cumberland 1854-55;
/38 Reference to death of Miss Greenleaf [detailed] 1855;
/40B, 46B, 53B Indents for supplies 1855, 1856, 1858;
/56-60 Written while on journey to mouth of Mackenzie River on Artic coast 1858;
/60B Census of population of Mackenzie River district 1 Jun 1858;
/61B List of donations to Mackenzie River district 1859;
/64 Reference to son James Henry 1860;
/68B 'God's charge to Zion's Watchmen' (a sermon at the ordination of the Rev. T. T. Smith: by Archdeacon Hunter 17 May 1860) [printed];
/69B Enclosed list of donations towards the erection of a church at Fort Simpton 1858;
/70B Report: St. Andrews parish; St. Andrews school; Park's Creek school; Little Britain school; Mapleton school [newspaper cutting: 'The Nor' Wester' 14 Jun 1860];
/73B Order for supplies 1861;
/76B, 77B-C Account for freight paid to Messrs. Burbank on packages from Liverpool to Fort Garry, Sep 1861;
/78B Copy of extract from letter of Rev. J. Chapman to Bishop Anderson reference to Mr. Gardiner 1860;
/79B Statistical returns 1862;
/79C Indent for supplies 1862;
/80 Includes postscript reference to massacre of settlers by Sioux Indians 1862;
/81 Includes reference to gold found in Saskatchewan 1862;
/82 Includes reference to charges against Rev. G. O. Corbett of Colonial and Continental Society, with newspaper cutting [/82B] 1863;
/83-84A, 185 As in 82A; also reference to calumnies against Hunter falsely alleged by John Tait 1863;
/84B Newspaper cutting referring to Mr. Corbett 1863;
/84C Copy of letter from Messrs. Burbank to Hunter relating to goods stranded at St. Cloud because of Sioux uprising 1863;
/84D Indent for goods 1863;
/85 Includes statistics for 1863;
/86B List of subscribers to St. Andrews Auxiliary CMS 1862-63;
/94-96 Reference to possibility of being offered bishopric 1865;

/99-121 Journal 1844-54, 1858-65: Jun 1844 - Sep 1854, Jun - Nov 1858, Jan - Apr, Jun, Oct - Dec 1859, Jan -Dec 1860, Jan - Mar, Aug - Dec 1861, Jan 1862 - Jan 1865 including:
/106 Includes: 27 May description of tent erected for Goose Feast and dance; 29 May describes 'metawin', initiating young woman into medicine 1848;
/114-115 Journal of journey to Mackenzie River and back: includes reference to Roman Catholic priest with whom he was travelling; Indians, tales of cannibalism and other atrocities by Indians [pp. 1-4, 9-10 only: endorsed 'returned from Mr. Ridgeway in this state' (CMS Editorial Secretary)] 1858-59;

/122-137 Reports 1845-57: Cumberland 1845-54; Lac la Ronge 1847-50; Grand Rapids 1856-57 including:
/131 Includes journal extracts: James Settee, Lac la Ronge: 26 Oct 1849 - 18 May 1850;
/138-142 Annual letters for 1856-57, 1860-61, 1863
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