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TitleJones, Rev. David T.
Extent70 docs.
DescriptionRed River Settlement 1823-38
/1-60 Letters 1823-27, 1829-33, 1835-39 including:
/7 Includes reference to George Harbidge 1824;
/9 Extracts of letter from George Simpson governor of North Rupert's Land to Jones 1824;
/11 Particulars reference to schools at Red River Settlement, Summer 1824 (teachers: Jones, Harbidge, Joseph Spence, Thomas Wishart, Charles Cook, William Garrioch);
/22 Report for 1827;
/23-25 Letter to Jones from inhabitants of Red River Settlement with letter of thanks to CMS, receipt for collection for CMS work and subscription list 1827;
/26A Report on mission: written in London February 1829;
/26B 'A rough sketch of Red River Settlement' from Fort Garry to Netley Creek (40 miles): Red River, Assiniboine River, Fort Garry, mill, Catholic church, Upper church, Parsonage, Seven Oaks Creek, Mr. Pritchard, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Bird, Mr. Sutherland, Mr. Cook, Mr. Park, Jack Fish Creek, Little Britain, Mr. Smith, Netley Creek, Indian encampment, Lake Winnipeg 1829;
/28 Report for 1830 with comments by headquarters [? Dandeson Coates];
/29A List of goods at Red River 1830;
/32 A sketch of the profit attending the Society's farm at Red River May 1831;
/33 Account of books in CMS Library at Upper and Lower Settlements Red River (104 volumes) 1831;
/37 Includes extract of letter from chief factor Finlayson relating to Columbia Indians 1832;
/38-39 Copy of correspondence with Governor George Simpson 1832;
/40 Disbursements on Indian school 1832;
/41 Missionaries at Red River: current account with CMS 1832;
/52 Note of attendance statistics for churches and schools 1836;
/56 Order for mourning clothes for Jones and I. Lloyd [after death of Mrs. Jones] [gives extract detailed measurements] 1836;

/61-68 Journals and journal extracts 1823-28, 1832-33, 1835-38: Jun - Aug 1823, Jun - Dec 1824, Jun - Dec 1825, Jan - Jun 1827, Oct - Dec 1827, Jan - Oct 1828, Aug - Dec 1832, Jan - Jun 1833, May 1835 - Jul 1837, May - Oct 1838:
/61 Journal of voyage 1823;
/63 Includes account of floods 1826;
/64 Includes copy of letter from William Robert Smith, Little Britain 1827; visit to York Factory Sep - Oct 1828; sketch of the Lower Church, Red River (p. 30) 1828; /68 Includes voyage to England; 13 Jun: map of Red River Settlement with houses and church marked 1838;

/69-70 Letter from William King, chief of the Red River Indians to CMS; letter from Indians at Red River: deploring Jones' departure, also referring to trouble with Hudson's Bay Company fur traders 1838
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