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TitleRev John Alexander Mackay
Extent82 items
DescriptionSakatchewan Mission Secretary. Devon, 1863-1865; Stanley, 1865-1871; St Peters Indian Settlement [Dynevor], 1874-1875; Stanley, 1875; Manitoba, 1876; Carlton, Saskatchewan, 1876-1877; Battleford, 1877-1879; Prince Albert Settlement, 1880.

/1-45: Letters 1863, 1865-1871, 1875, 1880, including:
/2A: order from E. A. Watkins for supplies for 1864 for Devon Mission;
/2B: order for books, 1864;
/4: indent for books and stationery for 1866;
/5B: indent for supplies for 1867;
/6: list of type (syllabic) required for printing press, 1867;
/7: indent for books and photographic equipment, 1867;
/9: order for books and stationery for 1868;
/12A: order for photographic chemicals and equipment, 1869;
/12B: order for type and material for printing, 1869;
/17: describes visit to Saskatchewan, including Prince Albert Settlement, Nepowewin, Duck Lake, Carlton and White Fish Lake, 1876;
/18: includes description of church services attended in New York including an address by Henry Ward Beecher, 1876;
/20: includes reference to Mr A. C. Clouston, catechist, 1876;
/22A: reference to Carlton Treaty between the Government and First Nation peoples ('Indians'), 1876;
/22B: abstract of report of Fort Pitt Treaty as taken down by the secretary of the lieutenant-government, 1876;
/23: includes reference to Turtle Lake, 1876;
/25: includes account of work at Stanley [under John Sinclair in Mackay's absence], 1876;
/27: Estimate for new mission Beaver Hill, Saskatchewan, 1877;
/28: about a visit to Turtle Lake in 1876 and transfer to Battleford, 1877;
/34: includes account of visit to Asissippi, Prince Albert, Nepowewin and Stanley, 1878;
/36: includes reference to Nepowewin and Mikisiwuchu, 1878;
/37: includes reference to Nepowewin and Asissippi, 1879;
/40: map of Saskatchewan showing land set aside for First Nation peoples ('Indian reserves') and mission stations, 1879: part of the North-West Territory showing the operations of the special survey of standard meridians and parallels for dominion lands, published 1878; 20 miles: 1 inch; 115-96 latitude 49-54 longitude;
/41: includes statistics for Nepowewin and South Branch Mission stations, 1879;
/42: inventory of CMS property at Battleford, 1879;
/43: inventory of CMS property at Nepowewin, 1879;
/44: about John Sinclair, 1880.

/46-63: Journals and journal extracts, 1863-1874, 1878-1879, including:
June 1863 - July 1872;
28 December 1872 - 1 January 1874;
February - April 1878: trip to outstations from Battleford: Carlton, Asissippi, Prince Albert, Nepowewin, Stanley, Mistasinni;
January - July 1879: includes 7 January - 30 March 1879: visit to Nepowewin, Carlton, Asissippi, Prince Albert.

/64-69: Reports for 1864-1869.

/70-80: Annual Letters for 1863-1864, 1868-1875, 1877.

/81: Sample of a lesson in dictation written in Cree syllabic characters by James Roberts, a First Nation man of Cree heritage, 1880;
/82: Letter to W. C. Bompas relating to Athabasca Mission, 1872.
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