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TitleRev John Smithurst
Extent63 items
Description'Indian settlement', Red River [Dynevor], 1839-1851.

/1-45 Letters 1839-51 including:
/3 Includes order for supplies (specifying firms) 1839;
/5 Includes comments on taciturnity of Indians 1840;
/6,9 Includes orders for supplies 1840, 1841;
/10 Questions set by Smithurst and answered by Henry Budd, schoolmaster, reference to school and mission at Cumberland House [detailed] 1841;
/11 Report of Cumberland House 1841;
/12,14 Reference to trouble with Wesleyan missionaries 1841, 1842;
/15 Copy of letter to Hudson's Bay Company relating to Mr. [Adam] Thoms' correspondence and papers about the Colonial Ordination Act 1842 [see O 3];
/16B Order for supplies for 1843;
/16C Questions reference to Colonial Ordination Act including some relating to Hudson's Bay Company charter, submitted by Smithurst for advice by counsel 1842;
/16D Copy of Hudson's Bay Company charter of 1670;
/20A Report: Indian Settlement, Red River: Rivier du Pas, Cumberland; Fort Ellice, Assiniboine River 1843;
/20B Copies of correspondence with Adam Thom, recorder of Assiniboine 1843;
/20C Mr. Henry Budd's answers to Smithurst's questions regarding Cumberland mission 1843;
/22 Includes order for supplies 1843;
/25B Estimate 1844; /25C List of supplies needed 1844;
/26B Letter from Henry Budd with account of mission 1844; letter from Louis Constant, chief at Cumberland 1844;
/26C Copy of instructions for Mr. and Mrs. James Settee at Fort Ellice 1844;
/26D Report: Indian Settlement, Red River [Joseph Cook schoolmaster]; Fort Ellice, Beaver Creek; Rivier du Pas, Cumberland 1844;
/30 Includes order for supplies including request for magic lantern 1845;
/32B Rules for the mill [1846];
/32C Order for supplies [1846]; /32D Report: Indian Settlement, Red River 1846;
/36A Includes reference to need for English/Cree dictionary 1847;
/36B List of words beginning with E taken from MS of English/Cree dictionary being prepared by Smithurst 1847;
/37B Indent for supplies 1848;
/39 Report: Red River Settlement 1848;
/41A Includes reference to trouble between government and Indians instigated by traders and Mr. Belcourt, a Jesuit 1849;
/41B Letter from chief Pigwys William King 1849;
/43B, 45B Indents for supplies 1850, 1851;

/46-66 Journals: 25 Dec 1839 - 1 Feb 1851:
/48 At back: general report of mission 1840;
/53 At back: general report of mission at Red River settlement and Rivier du Pas, Cumberland 1842;
/59 At back: report of Indian Settlement mission 1845;
/62 Memoir of John Smith, Cree Indian who died 17 Aug 1846; report of Indian settlement mission 1847;
/64 Report of Indian settlement 1849;
/65 Report of Indian settlement 1850
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