Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C C1 O2E/2/1-80
TitleMachray, Robert [1865-1905]
Extent80 docs.
DescriptionIncludes: /1-77 Letters 1865-80:
/3A-C Report of the Diocese of Rupert's Land, by the Bishop and Clergy at the Red River Settlement: MS and two printed copies (15pp.) [including formation of diocesan fund) 1865;
/11 Includes draft constitution of synod 1868;
/13 Copy of correspondence with St. Andrew's parish (Mr Gardiner) reference to use of part of offertory for diocesan endowment fund 1868;
/20 Account of visitation of mission on James Bay: Moose and Albany 1869;
/21 [end missing];
/22 Note of expenses of visitation 1869;
/24 Encloses copy of letter to Rev. J. P. Gardiner reference to W. S. Stagg 1869;
/26 Account of visitation of missions at Cumberland and English River 1869;
/32A Encloses [/32B] bylaw: Of the Clergy Widow and Orphan's Fund of the Diocese of Rupert's Land [printed] 1870;
/34 Refers to action of Mr. George and Mr. Gardiner reference to proposed transfer to mission work in interior of Canada 1871;
/35 Circular to clergy and laity in Manitoba province reference to setting up of Mission Board [printed] 1871;
/42B-C Circular letter to clergy and laity of diocese and order [/C] for special service for harvest thanksgiving [printed] 1873;
/44 Copy of letter to archbishop of Canterbury reference to consecration of W. C. Bompas as Bishop of Athabasca 1874;
/46A Reference to professorship of Exegetical Theology at St. Johns and possibility of appointing Dr. Hill 1874;
/46B Copy of letter from Premier, A. Mackenzie 1874;
/46C Letter from Dean H. P. Grasett relating to Dr. Hill 1874;
/48 Includes reference to Mr O'Meara 1874;
/53 Includes reference to death of Rev. Henry Budd 1875;
/54B Letter from William L. Hardisty 1875;
/54C Letter from W. C. Bompas, Bishop of Athabasca relating to Kenneth McDonald 1875;
/54D Journal of the provincial synod of Rupert's Land first session [printed] (32pp.) 1875;
/58B Resolution creating parish of Winnipeg under patronage of CMS 1876;
/58C Deed of assignment of land in Cathedral parish of St. John's Winnipeg to be the CMS church [with bishop's seal] 1876;
/61 Account of visit to Islington 1876;
/64B-C Circulars relating to proposed St. John's College Ladies School, Manitoba [printed] 1876;
/65B Letter from H. b Owen, Oshawa Ontario reference to John Cowdery, offering as catechist or schoolmaster 1877;
/65C Letter from Canon Fred A. O'Meara relating to John Cowdery 1877;
/71A Remarks on CMS missions and land in Manitoba 1879;
/71B-C Memoranda submitted to church societies reference to missions along the Red and Assiniboine Rivers [printed] 1879;
/76 Visit of bishop to the CMS missions in the east of the diocese of Rupert's Land: Islington and Fort Francis 1880;
/78 Letter from William Pennyfather, Winnipeg reference to Mr. William Dermot schoolmaster 1876;
/79 Report on Lansdowne mission: from Canon O'Meara to bishop of Rupert's Land and CMS Finance Committee, Rupert's Land 1876;
/80 Copy of letter from Henry Swift, St. John's mission, Chuyuum River Agency [USA] to bishop 1878
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