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TitleDuncan, William
Extent92 docs.
DescriptionFort Simpson 1857-62; Metlaktka 1863-79
/1-75 Letters 1857, 1859-79 including:
/9A Including reference to Tsimshian language 1860;
/9B Copies of letters from Very Rev. Edward Cridge and G. - bishop of Columbia 1860;
/10B Requisition for school books and equipment 1860;
/15 Describes move to Metlakatla 1860;
/19B Copy letter to W. A. J. Young, Colonial Secretary relating to scheme of government grants for industry at Metlakatla 1863;
/21 [end missing] 1864;
/24 Copy of letter to governor of British Columbia 1865;
/26 Copy of letter to A. W. Birch, Colonial Secretary, New Westminster reference to trouble amongst Indians 1865;
/30B Committee meetings held at Metlakatla 19 Aug and 11 Sep 1867 [Mr. Owen's case];
/30C Copy of letter to Bishop Hill reference to possibility of ordination 1867;
/30D Enclosed letters from R. Tomlinson to Duncan and Dean Cridge reference to Metlakatla and alleged statements by Mr. and Mrs. Gribbell 1867;
/30E Copy of letter to government of British Columbia requesting grant of arms for courthouse and possibility of divorce being allowed amongst Indians in special circumstances 1867;
/30F Copy of letter from Dean Cridge to H. B. Owen 1876;
/30G Speeches made to and by Governor Seymour on visiting Metlakatla 1867;
/32B Copy of letter to Rev. E. Cridge, Dean of Victoria 1867;
/35B Copies of letters from Paul Leegaic (as he lay dying) 1868-69;
/40B Copy of letter to governor of British Columbia with his reply, relating to mission land and reserve at Metlakatla 1870;
/44B Copy of charge of chief justice; R.v. Sebassa and Thracket, R. v. Neeska and Simon Johnson [1873];
/44C Letter from schoolgirl Odeile Quintall 1872 [44B-C published in CM 'Intelligencer' Jul 1873];
/45 Reference to R. Tomlinson 1873;
/49B Indent for school books 1873;
/50-51 Reference to intrusion by Wesleyan Methodists at Fort Simpson 1874;
/53 Letter from Samuel Pelham [1874];
/60 Views on sacerdotalism and sacraments, differences of opinion with bishop and agreement with Dean Cridge 1876;
/63B Letter from minister of the interior Ottawa [detailed account of Metlakatla] 1875;
/63C Report of the British Columbia government on Indian reserves [printed] 1875;
/63D Newspaper cutting relating to progress by Indians at Metlakatla [1867];
/63E Newspaper cutting from 'Toronto Mail' 1876: account of governor general's visit to British Columbia [mainly relating to Metlakatla] 1876;
/66B Address from Christians at Metlakatla urging bishop to be reconciled with Dean Cridge 1877;
/66C Report by John Tait of visit to Fort Rupert to announce opening of new mission 1877;

/76-81 Journals: 19 Dec 1856 - 20 Jan 1861 [numbered pp.1-92, 113-168];
/82 Report 1858;
/83-91 Annual letters for 1868-69, 1871, 1873-76, 1878-79;
/92 List of Duncan's letters received 1857-71 [compiled by ? headquarters clerk C. 1872]
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