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TitleLetter from Knight to Pratt: 21 October 1818: Jaffna
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DescriptionWard and himself had chartered brig to Trincomlie but on Ward's station being changed the ship was transferred to government, which was sending officers and troops to Trincomalie; K. was given a free passage for part of the way to Jaffna; arrived 26 Jul and is statying with J. N. Mooyaart, a Dutchman, Chief Magistrate of the district; Wesleyan missionaries usually work in the town whereas Americans go directly into the country; K. plans to follow American method; has chosen Nellore parish as station; population devoid of instruction except for occasional visit by Christian David, the Malabar preacher; it is a stronghold of heathenism; has rented house next to ruins of ancient Christian institution; has taken services in the Fort church; has been studying Tamil; Sir Alexander Johnston's reports to the Society have been misleading; Singhalese are not eager for education; reports progress of Wesleyan and American missionaries.
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