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TitlePapers relating to catechists
Extent8 docs.
Description/1/1-5 Applications for ordination and answers to questions with accounts of conversion and early life:
1/1 No name [born 1816, at school in Nellore [1862];
1/2A H. Kannanger [Kannangara] 1866;
1/2B H. Gunasekara 1866;
1/2C Baptist Karunarattna 1866;
1/3A B. P. Weerasinghe 1868;
1/3B H. Kananger 1868;
1/3C H. de Silva 1868;
1/3D Silvester Mendis 1868;
1/4 No name [educated at Baddegama, worked at Baddegama, Borella and Kandy 1860] 1868;
1/5A Baptist Karunaratne 1874;
1/5B Johannis Perera Kalpege 1874;
1/5C A. N. Liyanage 1874;
1/5D J. P. Kalpege's paper 1874;
1/5E Baptist Karunaratne's paper 1874;
1/5F S. Dias' paper 1874;
1/5G A. W. Liyanage's paper 1874;

/2/1-2 Catechists weekly reports of visiting etc:
2/1 George Champion: Mundetive Apr 1859; Truman P. Handy: Nellore West: May 1859; I. S. Christmas: Nellore East: May 1859; W. C. Gomez: Nellore 1859
2/2 [First sheet missing]; G. Yasudian, Gabriel, M. Gurubatham, Santhappan, A. Gnanamuthu, S. Michael, Venthamanikum circa 1865;

/3 Petition to Rev. S. Lambrick and missionaries at annual conference, from probationary catechists, Elias Andrews, Weeresooriya Harmanis and Abraham Gunasekara 1832;
/4 Petition to CMS from Jaffna catechists George Champion, H. Richards, J. Knight, E. Hoole, John Niles, Joseph Henderson and Truman P. Handy [gives details of increase in cost of living 1855-1859] 1859;
/5 Letter to local committee from M. Philip [copy] 1843;
/6 Memorandum on salaries of catechists, by Rev. J. I. Jones and Richard T. Dowbiggin 1868;
/7-8 List of native agents, catechists and agents in the Kandy Itinerancy [/7] and Cotta and Baddegama districts [/8] 1876
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