Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C CE O101
TitlePettitt, Rev. George
Extent193 docs.
DescriptionSecretary of Ceylon Central Committee 1850-1852: Kandy 1851-1855:
/1-129 Letters 1850-1855 including:
/2 copy of letter to Abraham Gunesekare relating to children's allowances etc. comparing salaries of SPG and CMS missionaries 1850 [enclosed with /1];
/4 Copy of letters to W. Oakley 1850;
/6 Gives account of death of Mr. Greenwood and appreciation of him 1850; includes copies of correspondence with W. H. Clarke, Rev. G. Parsons 1850;
/11 Copy of correspondence with W. Oakley relating to C. Senanayake and Rev. A. D. Gordon 1850 [enclosed with /10];
/13A Encloses [B-D] copies of correspondence with bishop, president of Central Committee 1850;
/21 Includes [B] correspondence with J. E. S. van Hagt and others relating to opening station at Ratnapoora 1851;
/23 Includes copies of letters to W. Oakley 1851;
/24 Includes reference to dispute with J. O'Neill 1851;
/27 Refers to high church practice of bishop 1851;
/35 Correspondence with bishop and government relating to plans for mission church at Kandy 1851[enclosed with/34]
/37 Copies of correspondence with governor 1851 [enclosed with /36];
/38 Correspondence with bishop as president of Central Committee 1851;
/40-41 Relate to conduct of J. O'Neill [two copies] 1851;
/44 Relates to J. O'Neill's conduct and high church practices of bishop 1851;
/46-47 Copies of correspondence with bishop relating to J. O'Neill 1851;
/49 Includes reference to payment by British and Foreign Bible Society towards publication of Cotta New Testament in Singhalese 1851;
/50 Refers to Mr. Fenn and "the Arnold school" 1852;
/55-57 Includes correspondence relating to offer of service from E. R. Clarke with his replies to questions on doctrine etc. 1851;
/106 Includes reference to sale of land at Baddegama 1853;

/130 Journal of visit to Baddegama Mar 1854;
/131 'Journal' being comments on native catechists [fragment] 1851;
/132-133 Report of visit to mission stations in Ceylon 1850; two parts [second part incomplete];
/134 Report, as secretary, of half yearly proceedings May-Oct 1851;
/135 Account of opening of mission church, Colombo 1853;
/136-153 Correspondence with bishop of Colombo and governor relating to government support for mission church at Colombo 1851;
/154 Copy of correspondence with bishop of Colombo relating to employment of [Thomas] Christian [Jessop], formerly CMS catechist at Baddegama, as catechist 1851;
/155-158 Correspondence with governor relating to appointment of Rev. C. Senanayaka to chaplaincy of Morottoo [Moratuwa] or Gallekisse 1852;
/159-163 Correspondence with bishop, W. Oakley and others relating to forged letter against J. O'Neill, allegedly written by Thomas Fry, schoolmaster at Mulletivoe, and purporting to be from catechists H. Gloucester, G. Champion and E. Payson 1853-1854;
/164 Copy of correspondence with bishop of Colombo relating to form of service for laying foundation stone of mission church 1853;

/165-169 Correspondence with bishop including:
/166-167 Relate to attendance of George Pettitt at opening of Wesleyan chapel in Colpetty 1854;
/168 Relates to grant by SPCK for Singhalese liturgy 1854;
/169 Relates to marriage licences 1854;

/170-181 Letters from missionaries relating to finance matters 1851-1854;
/182 Copy of letter to J. O'Neill 1850;
/183 Copy of letter to G. Parsons relating to form of divine service to be held at Nellore 1850;
/184 Copy of letter to Abraham Gunesekara 1850;
/185 Letter to Southern Local Committee assembled at Cotta relating to new arrangement of mission 1851;
/186 Copy of letter from J. O'Neill 1851;
/187 Copy of letter to A. D. Gordon relating to Cotta Institution 1851;
/188 Letter to lay members of late Central Committee relating to relationship with Headquarters Committee 1852;
/189 Copy of letter from John Philip, master of Chundicully seminary 1853;
/190 Notes of conversation between G. Pettitt and Rev. C. Senanayaka relating to working with A. D. Gordon 1850;
/191 Appeal and subscription list for erection of Galle Face church [printed] 1853;
/192 Copies of estimates for buildings by J. Corea of Galle 1855;
/193 Extract from 'The Missionary Herald' relating to opening of chapel in Colombo [printed] 1851
Access StatusOpen


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